Monday, August 7, 2017

a hitch in our gitty-up

We're on the Ohio/Kentucky border since Saturday afternoon.  Our fine ride has come into the campground with a bit of a limp.  We have check engine light on, rough idle and strong smell of gas. It being the weekend, we will have to wait till Monday morning to have a local shop take a look at it.

We did manage to get to visit with more Inmans while we were here, not as much as originally hoped, but we ended up being less mobile than planned.  We talked and talked, took a picture and received more pictures.  We will be back, we promise.

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Charlene, James, Libby and Fred Inman

I also realized that my clothes had all fallen down in my closet.  One side of rod was pulled out.  My dearest "tells" me that I have brought too many clothes and that is what caused the problem.  Now I ask you, what's a girl to do when it was  to be a 4 month trip in all kinds of weather?  Amazing man that he is, he was able to fix the problem.  I have also removed some of the items to make the weight lighter.

It's now Monday afternoon and all is well with our ride.  It had an O ring that gave up and caused the problems.  We got very lucky that the gas leak never hit a hot engine area.

So, just to keep things exciting, Freds' body decided to give him a kidney stone.

The fun keeps rolling on!
Michelle and Fred
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