Wednesday, June 7, 2017


We're a week into our new travels, enjoying time with DJ and Diane, Inman cousins. We are just south of Denver.  At the moment I am outside enjoying a little wine and appetizers, while hearing an occasional bit of distant thunder.

We started off with a show of western art at the Denver Art Museum.  The show included not just art works, but sculptors, music and film. Had a view of the library, which was located next door.


Yesterday, we went to visit The Wild Animal Sanctuary, about 25 miles outside of Denver.  This was established by a family that decided there was a need to save abused, abandoned or neglected animals.  This rescue operation began 34 years ago and has expanded Internationally.  The animals are sometimes abandoned by private owners who thought it would be cute to own a lion as a pet.  We spent a good four hours watching lions, tigers, bears, ostrich and wolves in their new habitat.  We were treated to a "song " by some of the wolves, which was quite fun!

walkway above the animals

Our cousins took us to  one of their favorite hiking areas, just 10 miles from Denver, Roxborough State Park.  The vistas here seem to go on forever.  The highlight of our hike was the beautiful red rock formations along our path.

We have had just a wonderful visit with our Inman cousins.  We have enjoyed good food, lots of wine and many laughs.  We will miss them as we move on with our travels.
Stay tuned,
Michelle and Fred
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