Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mardi Gras in Louisiana

We're in Abbeville LA, enjoying Mardi Gras parades,food and making new friends.
Our base is Betty's RV Park in Abbeville.  She has 17 sites, not all easily identified when you first get here.  We are one on top of the other, but none of us cares after your first night here.  Betty invites one and all to happy hour at 4:30 every day.  Everyone brings some food to share, which often becomes dinner for all of us. Its all about sharing road stories,info about places to see and just good laughs.
In addition,Betty will gather us all up to go to a local crawfish boil place, or a platelunch at another place not to miss. Another time we all followed her to a family operated accordian maker/repair shop for a tour. It included lots of cajun and creole music to demonstrate how accordians are used.  We learned that none of the cajun music is written down, it is all passed on by hearing and seeing it played.  Quite amazing.

Did I mention happy hour? That's an important gathering time here at Betty's.

We went to Scott LA for a wonderfull small town Mardi Gras.  It was quite fun and we caught lots of beads.

We had a crawfish boil on site at the park last night.  What an amazing time, first keeping the live crawfish in the buckets, then eating them.  You break off the tail and pull out the meat, which can be eaten as is or dipped in  whatever mild to hot mayo dip you choose.  Yummy! Tonight we have the remaining tails in an alfredo pasta.

oh, time to go, its happy hour :)

Fred and Michelle
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