Thursday, September 22, 2016

El Morro in New Mexico

Traveling thru New Mexico on hwy 40, so decided that we would spend a few days at El Morrow National Monument.  This is about 30 miles south of Gallup.  We had been here once before by chance.  The first time we did the long climb and ramble along the top. It's 250 feet up in what is about 7,000 ft elevation.  The views at the top are amazing.  We did not do the climb this time due to threatening thunderstorms. We did, however, do the lower walk to see the inscriptions. The first inscription dates as far back as 1605.

 EL Morro Nat'l Park

Our next stop was Zuni City to check out fetishes made by the locals.  Surprise,surprise, we are coming home with a few new ones.  We much prefer buying from the locals, to help put some money into the hands of the tribe.

We then drove up to Gallup for green chili dinners.  If you are ever there stop in at Jerrys Cafe on Coal Street. Yummy food, where the locals eat.
It was now time to head back to our campsite at the El Morro Cabins, RV Park and Ancient Way Cafe. The people here were very friendly and it is close to the sites we were seeing.  The other camping option we found later, was at El Morro Monument. It is dry campng, but quite nice with space for a small rv.  Neither camping site has cell or wifi service.
Tonight we are in Santa Rosa NM, close to Texas border.  Tomorrow we will spend the night in Amarillo and have dinner at the Big Texan, of course.  It seems odd to be so close to home,but we press on to Kentucky to meet Freds peeps.

Stay tuned,
Michelle and Fred
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