Friday, September 9, 2016

Former Oregon & California Lakes

We saw two former lakes along our route to Lake Tahoe. The first was in Oregon just before the Ca boarder, Alkali lake. It was originally an enormous lake,with fish and lots of birds.  It is now mainly  dry, with just a few areas of shallow water. No fish and all we saw were 4-5 tiny birds.  It is very white from the alkali on the surface.  You'll see it when driving on 395 in the Summer Lake Basin, near Christmas Valley.  Beautiful vistas with lovely forest along this route.

Next dry lake was Honey Lake in California.  a true example of the drought in California. Unfortunately I can not get to load my pics of this very large dry lake. Its now just yellow grasses as far as the eye can see. sad

tonight in our campground we were entertained with live muis performed by a guy in a yellow Cadillac. I was really just the back half of the cadi with piano, speakers, etc in the front.  He could raise it up off its stand and even spin it around all while playing music.  This was someone in a spot the row in front of us, not entertainment brought in by the park.  He was fun and attracted a small crowd.

more pics can be seen on facebook.

We are now near Lake Tahoe for a few days. weather predicted to be in the 90s and sunny.
Way too hot for some of you I know.
Adios for now.
Michelle and Fred
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