Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cash,Ryman: Paul Simon,other views

Things we did while in Nashville
Toured the Johnny Cash museum. Lots of memorabilia given by family members, who continue to visit and bring things to add to the museum. Was really interesting if your a Cash fan.
Then we took a tour of the Ryman theatre, the church of country music. It is named for Capitan Ryman, a river Capitan who found religion here. The photos of wall posters give you some idea of who has come to the Ryman before country music. Later in the evening we attended the Paul Simon concert, which was great!

Today we went to a cemetery to set where some of the country greats were buried. Porter Wagoner, Eddy Arnold, Tammy Wynette and George Jones to name a few. Until recently the cemetery allowed only placques in the ground and are just beginning to make head stones an option. So it's not a very exciting place to visit.

We took the rest of the afternoon off from sight seeing. Did some reading, house cleaning, showers, dinner and grocery shopping.

Tomorrow we head off to a Memphis. We will once again camp on the shore of the Mississippi and watch the cargo boats hi up and down the river.

Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!

Nashville Opry

Scenes from Grand Ole Opry