Friday, April 29, 2016

Harper's Ferry

This is where John Brown came and tried to start an uprising among the slaves. He wanted to free the slaves. Brown thought this would be a good place to do this - a US Arsenal site housing 100,000 rifles. He seems to have been an idealist without much preparation. His plan failed and he was hanged. He was viewed as a traitor in the South and a  martyr in the north. His coup was an indication of the slavery divide among the North and the South and an impetus leading up to the Civil War.
The town of Harper's Ferry sits at the junction of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers. A pretty area with what seen to be some good hikes on the hills above town.   The Appalachian trail runs right thru here also.
The National Parks has self guided tours of the buildings in town. The others are gift shops, ice cream sales and a few restaurants. It might be pretty on a sunny day, but today was grey and cold 48 degrees with colder wind by the rivers. Brrr
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you done have to!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

At Washington Nationals game

Waiting for rain to stop.

Arlington Cemetery

Arlington cemetery was started on what was a grand home built by a step- grandson of George Washington. It was built as a memorial to Washington on top of a high hill with a grand view of the city.
It later became the home of Robert E Lee, thru marriage.
When Virginia seceded at the start of the Civil War, Lee resigned his US Army commission and left Arlington.
The US took possession, after much lawyering and proceeded to use the grounds as a burial site (vindictive?), which continues today.
You can walk around the grounds, which are quit extensive or take the trolley system which is s hop on hop off as you please way to go.
Since we enjoy visiting a good cemetery, this was a truly interesting visit for us.
Included in the pictures if the site of the eternal flame at the JFK site.
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!

Christ Church, Mt Vernon ,Alexandria scenes

Took a Grey Line tour from campground to Mt Vernon. Driver added some extras such as stop at Christ Church in Alexandria. George Washington's home, Mt Vernon, which did not allow pictures inside or in museum:) is right on the banks of the Potomac. Quite a lovely sight and home. One of the artifacts was a large key with a picture of the Bastille. This was a gift from Lafayette to Washington.
George and Martha are both buried here. He is the tomb on the right, she is on the left.
We then drove around side streets of Alexandria. Quite lovely and staying in the colonial style everywhere in the town. A very rich community.
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!