Sunday, September 25, 2016

In Arkansas

Well here we are in Ozark, Arkansas, camped on the shore of the Arkansas river. The camp ground is a Corps of Engining dam site named Aux Arc Park.It is really peaceful here with just the church bell ringing, across the river in town.  The business of Ozark is the Butterball processing plant. A live turkey goes into waiting area and your holiday bird comes out the other end. Starting Oct 1st folks here will be working 7 days a week to make that happen for you.  Butterball is currently hiring if you have a gander!

We arrived early enough that we were able to explore a bit of the surrounding area. We are in the Arkansas wine district.. Its just a very  small area. We did check out a winery established since 1880 in the nearby town of Altus. After a bit of tasting, we both came away with some delights.

Next on our scenic tour was the town of Paris, which we learned is the county seat. A nice town with some stately old houses.  Saw 3 dead armadillos on the road to Paris.  They move slow here....

 Dinner in Ozark at a bbque place, only restaurant open in the area.  I had the bologna sandwich.  Oh my, this was not the stuff you buy package in the supermarket.

Not much activity on the river, just 2 small boats so far. Oh well, tomorrow we camp on the shore of the mighty Mississippi in West Memphis AR.

Stay tuned, Michelle and Fred
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