Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ticonderoga to Nebraska

Merrily we roll along.  We are now about 1/2 way from Ticonderoga to Seattle.  We drove thru Pennsylvania, with its great roads bad drivers; then Ohio with its bad roads and drivers who don't know why there are lines on the roads, Indiana , Illinois, Iowa and now we're in Nebraska.
We spent 3 nights in Springfield Illinois, where its' "all Lincoln all the time".  Seems like everywhere he took a breath is recognized as a historic site.  We did enjoy our tour of the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library, the only home that Abe and Mary ever owned,his burial site in the graveyard on the edge of town and the Steven Spielberg set display( movie Lincoln) in the old train depot.  All sites very nicely done and when we toured their home, which is 85% original, we got to touch the hand rail on the stairs that Abe used. We didn't wash our hands all day, haha!  Surprisingly, there was not an Abe Lincoln stovepipe hat to be seen anywhere in town.  Our weather here was in mid 80s and sunny.  Great fall weather!

Lincoln tomb

pretend camera set up on corner where most of house pictures were taken

We took a day to drive to Rantoul and visit the Chanute Air Museum.  My ex and I lived on the Chanute Air Force Base for almost 4 years.  It has changed dramatically since then.  The Air Force Base closed in the late 1990s.  A small museum and collection of planes were maintained by the city of Rantoul and volunteers.  The city has now decided they can no longer subsidize the museum, so it is closing in December 2015.  It had a sad look to it as planes and displays are already being dismantled.  It ended up being a depressing visit.

Our next stop was West Branch Iowa, to visit the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum.  This is where Hoover was born and raised.  Its a small library and museum, nicely done.  One more we can check off our list of Presidential Libraries. We spent just the one night in Iowa, not much else on our list of things to do here.

Tonight we are in Greenwood Nebraska for one night.  Only thing happening here are thunderstorms with heavy rain.  We continue thru to Chappel NE for the night.  Nothing going on there either, just a place to stop for the night.
After that, its Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington.  Whew! The wheels keep on turning.....
Michelle and Fred
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