Tuesday, September 15, 2015


yes, we have been in NYC since Wednesday.we are visiting my cousin Maurice and his husband Gus,who are truly charming hosts. This was Fred`s first visit to the city,so we came with a list of things to see, knowing our goal was to spend lots of time with the guys.

Gus was still at work in Boston when we arrived, so we spent our first day with Maurice, doing some antique shopping in Hudson NY. We all found something we liked,but at higher prices than we all wanted to spend. No matter, we had a fun day

Fred and I spent the next day seeing some of the town.  We started at Central Park, continued on down Fifth Avenue, to Times Square, the NY Public Library and on to the Empire State Building. It was a clear day so we could see quite a ways from the top, 120th floor. When we came back down, we walked around the block to a French restaurant, where we had a very enjoyable meal.

yes, folks, this is a CVS pharmacy on 96th and Amsterdam Ave in NYC

Next day, after a leisurely start, the 4 of us headed off to the Cloisters. A medieval museum in a beautiful park setting with great views of the Hudson River. I must say that the highlight of the day was receiving a phone call from our son telling us of the arrival of our new granddaughter. We could definitely  hear her in the background. What a joy.

Dinner was at a local Italian restaurant
 that evening.  Then home to play a few hands of Milles Bournes. Lots of laughter.

This morning the four of us headed out to church. Lovely organ music and choir.
Fred and I headed off to do a bit of shopping before returning home.  Maurice and Gus prepared  a wonderful dinner for us and a friend who came with her 4 year old.
Once again the 4 of us ended the evening playing Milles Bournes.

This morning we are off to see a Gothic church near us, St John the Divine. Then its grab our bags and head for the train.
We will rejoin Kitty and family for a few days.
Michelle and Fred
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