Friday, August 28, 2015

Kentucky to Pennsyvania

Left Kentucky 2 nights ago. We did not find the Old Inman cemetery on Redbird road that we had hoped to find. We did,however,meet the Genealogy librarian aka treasurer of the local Whitely County Historical Genealogy Society,who has been to the Inman cemetery. The cemetery is on private land and not easily accessible.  The library did have a wealth of Inman related materials: Elisha Inmans will, various marriage dates,and a few more items that we were able to copy.  One of the  bits of information we learned is that Fred has a cousin 5 or 6 times removed, William Charles Inman,who has written a book about  the Inmans. He traces them back to the first Inman in England. We have his address in North Carolina and may need to contact him directly to obtain copies of the 3 vol set.
We have agreed to call the Historical Society  ahead of time to work with them on getting permission to see the Inman cemetery. The librarian talked about folks coming out with shotguns to chase you off their land. She has had this happen to her. From all the no trespassing signd we saw driving  around those small country roads we believe it.

It felt like a good stop for, even if not complete.
We did find other Inman gravesites in a variety of graveyards.

For a change of pace, we then went to check out the Cumberland Gap. When up at Pinnacle Peak, you can look around to see Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia,depending upon which direction you look. Was a beautiful,sunny 78 degree day. Superb!

Left that area and headed to Pennsylvania. The state is beautiful with rolling hills, lots of trees and small villages. Last night we camped for one night close to Pittsburgh. 
Tonight and for the next 3 nights we are in Allentown PA,about 1.5 hr drive from Philadelphia. We will be doing some Philly stuff and since we are very close to my home town of Newark NJ  I will be showing a bit of that to Fred.
Stay tuned.
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!

Aug 28,2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Truman, Gateway to the West and on to the Louisville Slugger

While still in Kansas City Missouri, we visited the Harry S Truman Library.  A wonderful Presidential Library, with lots of informaation about him as a child all the way thru his years as President and beyond.  Truman was very hands on in the building of his library and a grandson continues to actively be involved on the Board of Directors.  Harry, Bess, daughter Margaret and her husband are buried on the grounds.  What I especially liked was reading some of the many letters that Harry sent Bess over their lifetime together.

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is in KC, Missouri.  We did go check it out and though small, gives a good feel for the struggles of the Negro Leagues.  I did learn that there was a Newark (NJ) Eagles team for awhile.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
Finally some great KC BBQ.  Kansas City is one of those BBQ capitals and they proved it that night.  We ate at Q39 and as soon as we walked in we knew we were in the right place by the smells.  I had ribs, which are wet and messy here.  Fred had  brisket, pulled pork and sausage.  In addition, we tried the "burnt ends" with some incredible sauce, yummy!  We took our leftovers with us to have the next night.  Boy, did our fridge smell good for a few days.

Next day we visited the National WW I Museum at Liberty Memorial. First stop here was to go to the top of the Liberty Memorial.  Was a clear day, so got a good view of the town.  Then on to the exhibits, of which there are so many, with so many actual artifacts, clothes, letters, maps, guns, pictures, replica of a trench to name just some.  A must see for  any WWI history buffs.

World War I Museum

Liberty Memorial
Totally enjoyed our stay in Kansas City and would possibly see coming thru again.

On to St Louis for a day to visit the Gateway to the West, the St Louis Arch.  I had seen this 40+ years ago, so it seemed new to visit again.  The way to the top is in a 5 person capsule and takes 4 minutes to get to the top.  Viewing portals at the top allow you to see both city side and river side.  We had a really clear day for this, so it was pretty cool.  Ride down is in the same capsule, but only takes 3 1/2 minutes.

Gateway to the West

We visited the Old Courthouse in historic St Louis.  This is an incredibly beautiful building inside and held exhibits about the Dred Scott case, which was tried here, the founding of St. Louis and the Lewis and Clark expedition which kicked off from here.

Later that afternoon, we went to see one of the Ulysses S Grant homes, located just outside of the city.  It was actually his wife Julias' childhood home, which Grant later purchased from his father-in-law.  He intended to raise horses here, but never actually did much of anything at this home as they lived in DC at the time. The home was eventually lost to Vanderbilt as it had been used as collateral in an unsuccessful investment. I thought the house was a hideous green, but apparently this was the color Grant  had it painted at one time.  Ah, well, who can account for another persons taste....

Grant home in St Louis

So that, was our day in St. Louis.  Would we come back again, probably not, some history to be sure, but not much architectural interest and its a hard town as recent events have shown.

Yesterday we did 4 states in one day- Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.  We are camped about 40 miles south of Louisville in My Old Kentucky Home Campground, by Bardstown KY.  This campground is 50+ years old and shows it.  Pretty bad sites, we tried to level our Minnie Roulotte as much as we could, but it still is on an uneven keel.  Thankfully the fridge is still working, unlevel though it may be, keeping our ice cream frozen!!  We can barely reach the electric 20amp plug-in even with our extension. Gives us lights and fridge, but no AC.  We do not have a hose extension to reach the hookup that is out there beyond us....No place else to stay as the Kentucky State Fair is happening now, so camping is tight.  Also, this is the Bourbon Capital of Kentucky and there are distillery tours near by.

good thing we left our chainsaw home!

Today, Sunday, we visited the Louisville Slugger Museum. We took a factory tour showing how the Louisville bats are made.  You can actually hold some bats that were used by the likes of the Babe, Mantle and more. This is a fun place if you are into baseball.

We then crossed back over the Ohio River to be able to eat a late lunch in Indiana.  We can now say that we did more than just drive across the state and check it off our states to do list.
Tomorrow we head to Corbin, KY to try and find the "Old Inman Cemetary" near town of Redbird.  This may be like hunting for the proverbial needle in a haystack, but we'll give it a try.
Stay tuned to see what we find.
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!