Monday, August 17, 2015

On the road once more...Aug 2015

 Tonight we're in Kansas City Missouri, or as the GPS says "Misery".  We love our new rig for the kind of travel that we do.  It took us 3 tries to get it right and this is it. We are both very happy with this new setup.

First stop on this road trip was Oklahoma City.  We spent a day looking around some of the sights including, the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum and the Bricktown River Walk.  The National Memorial was very sedate and respectful, as it should be. 

Bricktown River Walk was small and not very busy the day we were there. Plenty of restaurants along the River.  The River walk is not very long, so be sure to go to the end to see the statues celebrating the rush for land that happened in 1889.

Next we headed for Kansas.  We stopped in Coffeyville, where the Dalton Gang tried to hold up two banks in the same town.  Very little to see here, other than a few plaques honoring those town folks who lost their lives trying to stop the Daltons.  Except for the tourist shop, not a thing was open in old town on a Saturday afternoon.

Further up the road we stopped to see the "Little House on the Prairie", the home that Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about.  It turned out to be a replica of the cabin, which was on the actual home site.  You pay your money before you find out that it's a folks in Kansas.

Spent two nights in Emporia, Kansas, which is the middle of nowhere. It is, however, just 16 miles from the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.  Very cool place to visit.  You can do quite a few hikes in the Preserve and visit the actual ranch house of the original land owners. The Park Service runs a bus tour out on the Preserve, a good way to get some of the history of this last of the Tallgrass prairies. We even learned that cattle come up from Texas each July to graze here.  There are also buffalo, my oh my, there are plenty.  They came really close to us on the bus; guess they are curious about us too!  Buffalo pictures were taken through dusty bus windows, we could not get out of the bus.

large ball of barbed wire found by the barn

a friend we ran into on the trail

tall grass

beautiful, but oh so hot, 95 degrees and we're out hiking!

We are currently camped at Worlds of Fun Village adjacent to the Oceans of Fun amusement park, in Kansas City MO.  It's pretty quiet since the amusement park is closed today.  Not sure why, maybe because school has started?

As soon as we got set up we headed out to see Watkins Woolen Mill and home, located in nearby Lawson MO.  This is a Missouri State Park, so tours are offered in both the house and the mill.  We love these kinds of things, so had a good time.

Dinner was BBQ, since we are in Kansas City, which is known for its BBQ.  I had the ribs and Fred had brisket and sausage.  All was good, but not great.  We have two more nights here to try some other joints.
Tomorrow we are off to Independence MO to visit the Harry S Truman library.
Enough for now,
Michelle and Fred
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