Monday, April 6, 2015

We're in a Chevy Chase vacation movie!

We are now convinced that we are in a Chevy Chase vacation movie. We decided since we still had the rental car, we would head to Bisbee AZ for the weekend. It should be easy since Bisbee is only about 100 miles from Keith's house. I assure you, what you are about to read is not made up nor exaggerated in any way!

We left mid morning on a beautiful Saturday. Keith gave us a tip about an easy 40 mile dirt road that would be very scenic to drive. So, off we went and it was a very scenic drive. Part of the drive started out high above the San Pedro River and winded down to the river floor. We then were driving thru a saguaro forest. There were very few people living along this road. This is a pretty isolated with no cell service, no stores and most probably using well water. Very friendly folks though living here. We stopped to take a picture or two and a couple stopped to be sure we were okay. We continued along our merry way, having a great time. Alas, trouble found us around a curve near the end of the dirt...we had a flat tire.  Can this trip  get any weirder? I shouldn't ask. So, we take our bags out of the trunk and Fred pulls out the temporary spare. He starts to do the sweaty work of changing the tire in the desert hear. My role was to get some big rocks to block the back tire and another to put under the jack, sand is soft. While he is changing the tire,3 different cars stopped to make sure we were fine and had everything we needed. Tire changed, we continue on our way.

holding up the sides of San Pedro river, during floods, with old cars

Next stop was Tombstone for a pit stop and some ice cream. No place there to repair the tire. Back in the car heading on to Bisbee. We are now in cell range, so I start to check on repair options. Not many in this part of the world and most closed Saturday afternoon on Easter weekend. Find one in Bisbee, but he's installing an engine he tells me so it'll be at least 1.5 hrs before he can get to us. he'll call us back....ha ha. Never calls back. Closed until Monday.
We are laughing now, what else can we do, as we now struggle to get our rental fixed.

Next scenes in our movie. So, we check into our hotel, historic Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee. Our room door closes poorly with the security chain busted out of the door frame. Two bolt locks on the inside, so we accept it as is. We're not too happy about the general condition of the room, could be better. Oh well. Today, Easter, we head out for breakfast, explore the local mine museum and walk around town. Late afternoon we are sitting on patio of the lounge having beers. The wind had gotten pretty cool so Fred says he'll go up and get our jackets. He returns with a note asking him to call owner about broken door. What? After talking with owner and stating our displeasure with how we found the room and door, we are upgraded to a bigger, better room. We are now in the J.A Jance room. Turns out she was raised here in Bisbee.

white building is the hotel

Art Basel lives in Bisbee

Bisbee visitor info,_Arizona

Copper Queen Hotel

Last scene in our Chevy Chase movie. This morning we went to the garage to have the flat fixed and put back on the rental. The repair guy was familiar with the road that gave us the flat, from driving up and down the road during his teenage years. A rock had put a cut in the tire and it was a simple patch fix.  The guy turned out to be happy to chat about common places we had all visited around the West.  Best of all, he only charged us $15.
Off to the Bisbee Breakfast Club for breakfast and then figured we could now do a bit of a drive around in the area.  We headed out to Naco, AZ, which is a very small town right on the Mexican border.  Has an RV park and a golf course.  Only reason folks live there must be because they are Border Patrol agents or support staff for them.  Some very pretty houses there and some are for sale if you are inclined to live on the Mexican border.  HA HA!!

Bisbee Breakfast Club

Naco Arizona
It was now time for us to head back to Florence. We were convinced that we would have Mr.B back in a new timely manner.

We press on.
Michelle and Fred
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