Wednesday, March 4, 2015

On the road again....

Well it's March 2015, so time to start traveling again.  We both had the urge to do some desert camping and see a baseball game or two.  These activities could also include a family visit in Arizona, maybe join up with my brother and Susan in San Diego and then do a quick run up to Seattle before heading back to San Antonio.

So, we started out on Sunday March 1st, a dreary cold, wet day.  Our destination was Balmorhea State Park, which is in west Texas, just past Fort Stockton.  This state park has a spring water swimming pool.  We could not believe how big it is, running from 4-30 feet deep.  It was dug in the mid 1930s by the CCC.  The spring flows at the rate of 15 million gallons per day and is naturally heated between 72-76 degrees year round.  The park has both RV camping, tent camping and an 18 unit motel.  It is definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.

Balmorhea State Park Texas

March 2nd, we took a drive into the back country of the Davis Mountains.  We spent a few hours walking around Fort Davis. This was one of a string of forts protecting the West from 1854-1891.  The old road from El Paso to San Antonio ran right thru the fort and you can still see sections of it today.  Lots of good restoration has already taken place on the commissary, the commanding officer's house, the hospital and some of the enlisted mens quarters.  More is being done to bring the Fort to life for us tourists.

Officers Row

some guy trying to hitch a ride down the historic road

Fort Davis in Texas
Walked up and down Main street in Ft Davis and even bought a quasi- reference book about Texas cemeteries.  Book includes cemeteries all of the state and why they are interesting.  We do love a good cemetery.  We continued on to Marfa, saw where the viewing of the Marfa lights is located and an RV park to stay at if we come again.  The Marfa lights are some natural sky phenomena that occurs in a area outside of town.  Not sure what the explanation is, but the town does its best to advertise the phenomena.

Marfa Lights
Continuing on to Alpine, brings us back to the road to Ft Davis and eventually Balmorhea and our campsite.  A good beginning to our trip.

Michelle and Fred
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