Friday, June 27, 2014

Travel from Seattle to upstate New York begins

We are now on part 2 of our travels - Seattle to upstate New York for a family visit. We headed out on highway 2. Spent the first two nights in Wenatchee Wa, just getting back into the travel mode.  We stayed at Wenatchee Confluence State Park, which is a great family camping area.  There is lots of thick green grass everywhere, swimming, playgrounds and lots of space between campsites.  Many little kids riding their bikes around the campground. There is a wonderful river walk along the Columbia, from the campground to town.  It is a bit long, almost 7 miles round trip, but very, very nice.

Wenatchee Confluence State Park

art along Columbia River walk 

bridge crossing from river into town

We then headed thru Idaho and camped just over the border in Montana by the Yaak River.  This was dry camping, with only 7 of the 20 or so sites occupied.  Lots of privacy between sites, which is something we love.  We also had an easy path down to the river. An enjoyable stay overnight.
Showers in the morning as we headed towards Glacier National Park, still on highway 2.  As the morning progressed, the clouds and the showers increased.  Glacier was completely socked in with clouds that seemed so low you could almost touch them.  We skirted the park, but still managed to get a few peek-a-boo looks at some glacier activity as we drove along the south end, always on highway 2.  Lots of good camping options in this area, both in and out of the park, with some being fancy and some not.

even Egbert had fun in the woods by the Yaak River
Unfortunately, we then headed into a long stretch of heavy rain and no camping, until we reached Havre, MT.  Large empty green grass as far as the eye could see while we drove along.  A few fields with yellow mustard growing (signs by fields), horses and just a few cattle to be seen.
We were actually planning on moteling the night, when we spotted an RV park at the other end of town. Not fancy, by any means, but it served our purposes.  Hot showers were available and we could walk across the street to try dinner at the Duck In Casino and Restaurant.
We were too late for the Havre underground tour, similar to the one in Seattle.  The town had burned in early 1900s, so businesses continued in what were their basements.
We also skipped the Buffalo Jump site just outside of town due to the weather and mud! Oh well...

Havre MT.

camping was sure different in Havre

Today the drive was along gently rolling green grass hills.  Not much else going on out there.
We stopped in Malta, MT to visit the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum.  This was a really interesting stop, since it is a "working museum".  There are dinosaurs being found on ranches in the area. We saw actual skin on some of their local finds.  We learned from one of the volunteers that towns in this area were named by folks spinning a globe and putting a finger on a location- Kremlin, Malta, Havre to name just a few.  Bizarre!

Great Plains Dinosaur Museum Malta MT.

work in progress, bones wrapped in protective burlap which is plastered to it for protection during transport

real skin, area on left side of leg which looks like little pot marks

Next stop was the town of Glasgow, MT where we had once stopped almost 20 years ago.  We camped then at Ft. Peck Dam and had a wonderful dinner at "Sam's Supper Club".  I believe I found this location and dinner info in a Seattle Public Library travel book.  Hip hip hooray for SPL.  Well, some memories are sometimes best kept as memories.  There was no room at the dam, which had changed and was not as lovely as we remembered and Sam's is closed.  New owners have not opened yet, which we told ourselves that it was probably for the best. LOL! We did find a very nice little RV park just on the edge of town and took the manager recommendation for a wonderful pizza in walking distance.  What a funny day.
facts about Glasgow MT

Tomorrow we head off to Medora ,North Dakota, brand new territory for us.  We will be checking out the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, but opted for a reservation at an RV park in Medora since it is the weekend.

It's a long way to New York state, so stay tuned.
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