Wednesday, May 28, 2014

California Time

We have been in San Mateo since Thursday to visit with Quill and his new sister Eleri Jane.  She is quite a sweet baby. She has a really nice smile and shows off a lovely dimple in one cheek.  Quite cute.
The daycare that Quill attends is closed this week, so we actually got more Quill time too.  All in all a good visit for us.

We also spent time with brother Jerry and his girlfriend Susan.  They took us on a wonderful hike just north of Half Moon Bay.  There is a section of highway 1 which had ongoing slide issues.  So, a new tunnel was cut into the mountain for traffic and the highway is now a walking trail.  The day was a bit cool and foggy so the views were limited over the water.  Right next to the trail was a WWII observation tower that we also were able to hike to.  This was just one of many built along the west coast as an early warning system if there was a Japanese invastion. The sun had finally come out and it even got warm.  Dinner together and just hanging out talking ended a wonderful day. We really enjoyed out time with the two of them and look forward to their coming to visit us in Texas soon.

We did our usual marsh bay walks, near Redwood City.  Our rounds of miniature golf are over though, as they are now building a jail on the site.  Our fun is gone and the future inmates will not have too much fun in this same location.  LOL.

We had time to get in a movie, so we went to see the new Capt'n America, which we both enjoyed.  Oh and of course we had two mornings of great croissants at Pamplemousse!  Joy oh joy!

Tomorrow we start heading up to Seattle.  We will take our time and get there on Friday.  Jessica is already there, Tabitha will be arriving next week.  Jenn is taking a few days off so we can do some things together and we have a weekend camping trip with Andy, Amanda, Xander and friends.  Our dance card is filling up fast.

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