Friday, May 9, 2014

Out with the old and in with the new!

We, or rather Fred, has been making our home here in Texas a more enjoyable resting place.  We had a roof covering put over the RV while we were enjoying ourselves in Florida.  It includes covering for the Passat in the front  and most of Mr B in back. Not only does it protect the roof from the elements, it also keeps it cooler during the hot summer days, which have already started.  We have had 90-100 degree days already!

Included in our plan was to add a covered patio and we did.  It is the size of the concrete pad we used before, 10ft X 10ft, with steel cross braces for the floor supports.  Fred stained and weatherproofed the boards and stairs. They look great, with a redwood finish.  We will be waiting until this fall to add railings and lighting to the space.  That has not kept us from using it already having enjoyed a couple of breakfasts and dinners during the past week.  It is wonderful!  We will have to wait till we get back at the end of the summer to finish with railings and lights.

rust proofing steel; on the right is what is left of old porch. It will be used to fill in gap by the door to the patio

stairs are in place, last few boards to install, just need to finish the walkway from door onto the patio

just finished a few minutes ago!

our home in Texas

Since we are about to leave the area for probably the next 4 months, I have grouped my few plants and added a soaker hose to the top of each pot.  I've had to do a bunch of experimenting with the timer and the length of time that the water comes on, but seems to be working well.  It must be since we now seem to have a resident toad living in the chives pot.

resident toad in the chives

We leave Sunday, Mothers Day for the west coast. Heading to Arizona to visit family there.  Then on to San Mateo for a visit with all our family there, which now includes a new granddaughter, born just two days ago.  After that, we head up to Seattle to see others in the family.
From Seattle we will head east to upstate New York and a visit with a Sheehan cousin, who I haven't seen in over 45 years (I think). Exciting times coming up soon!
We'll keep in touch, so stay tuned as our adventures begin.
Michelle and Fred
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