Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Home repairs RV style

Another lesson in RVing....sometimes it has to go into the shop and you need to find another place to live for awhile.  Not really high on our list of the enjoyment of living in an RV.

We have a water leak under the unit.  Not a good thing.  Turns out that no one and I mean not a one of the many area mobile RV repair shops would come to work on our RV on site.  Why you ask, well because we have a 4 season unit, it means that the bottom is completely enclosed.  Not something that is done outside of a shop.  In addition, it has been darn cold, so who wants to work outside under an RV with a water leak.

So, in case you run into this kind of "RV/home" repair need, the first thing to do is to make an appointment with a shop.  Next hire a nice man to take it in to the shop for you, since you know your little car can't tow it in.  Then you pack up all the pictures you just hung on your walls, the knick knacks and other things that live outside of cabinets and closets. The nice man comes with his truck to take your home away and you follow anxiously behind because this is the first time you've ever done this and you are just anxious......

only a shadow remains
Wait for a few days for the work to get done and then call the nice man again and have him bring your RV back to you.  Life will be good again! :)

Michelle and Fred
Traveling so you don't have to!