Tuesday, August 27, 2013

last blog for this road trip

 Since I last wrote Fred had driven many miles and taken us through two states.  He has been doing all the return trip driving due to my hip and knee issues. 
We laughed at dinner tonight about the stale bread of our sandwiches and Fred said it was " not a wonder since it had been bought two states ago".  

So what did we see you ask.  Well first was BEAUTIFUL Salt River Canyon as we drove from Globe to Show Low, AZ.  Towering cliffs cut thru by the Salt River and offering many spectacular views as you drive thru.  This was our first time here and we are glad we decided to go this way.  In the one day we went from the desert floor around Phoenix up to Show Low,about 6000ft.  A really nice drive to take.

Forest Service Salt River Wilderness
Salt River Canyon
Show Low AZ

The following day found us in New Mexico driving highway 60.  We passed by the Very Large Array.  The movie Contact with Jodi Foster had some footage from this area. There is a visitor center but we did not get to do the visit.  Another trip.  

Very Large Array

Continuing along we stopped for a late chili lunch in Socorro.  We had been through this town before, I think maybe two years ago, when we came to see the new Mission Museum that was built near here.  Unfortunately,  that museum was full of replicas, no originals, from various Missions in the Southwest.  

We camped for the night in nearby San Antonio NM, near the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge.  "Special" camping here, a gravel lot with 19 full hookups for RVs. We were the only ones in the place.  See below the Hilton connection.  Fred wonders how often Paris Hilton comes to town?  Not much in the way of bird watching since we got hit with a big storm in the early evening when the birds would normally be active.  We did hear sheep and cows complaining in the fields around us!

which spot is the best?  the one we are in!

bosque del apache wildlife refuge
Hilton in San Antonio

Zooming along the next day, we find ourselves heading for Clovis NM.  This is where Norman and Vi Petty started recording lots of new comers to rock and roll- Buddy Holly & the Cricketts among others.  This was the rock and roll of the 1950s.  A museum has been established here and a yearly festival takes place in September.  

rock and roll in Clovis NM

A drive of just a few minutes out of Clovis, we find ourselves back in Texas. Tonight we are camped in San Angelo State Park.  Saw a few of the buffalo herd that is here in this very large state park.  There is also a long horn cattle herd, but we did not see any.
Tomorrow we are back home in Somerset.  

We have had a great road trip in Mr B.  This has turned out to be a great way to travel.  I can't tell you how many times folks have come over to talk to us about Mr B and asked if they could see inside.  There is often then the comment about "needing to get one of those to make travel easier".  We can only agree.  It has been better than even we hoped it would be.   
We are a bit sad to end the road trip but happy that we will be home tomorrow.
Stay tuned for whatever will be our next adventures.

Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!
Salt River Canyon