Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another week, another state

Monday, a week after leaving the Seattle area, we were still in Oregon.

Found a new, to us any way, camping area at Diamond Lake just 26 miles north of Crater Lake.  Spent two days there and enjoyed warm days with pretty cool nights, we were at 5,000ft plus.  This is a large lake with an older lodge and cabins.  They all have a bit dated look and could use a bit of paint, but nothing horrible.  There are two restaurants in the lodge and a pizza place a bit further along the lake. During the weekday in August, when we were there it was not crowded at either the lodge or the campground by the lake.

Yesterday we left Diamond Lake and headed to Crater Lake for some sightseeing.  It has been many years since we had visited the area.  There were crowds there. We had to wait in a line of cars to get through the ranger booth entrance and then along the vista stops around the rim.  Unfortunately, there was also lots of haze due to fires that were south of us, towards Nevada possibly.  We did a bit of the looky look, but decided to move on, away from the crowds.  Mr B, took the road south out of Oregon and on to warmer weather.

California bound.  Yesterday, at mid-day we finally crossed into California, by Cady, which is roughly north east of Lassen.
Not much happening in this area, other than wide open space with cattle and big ranches.  Spent the night in the Modoc National Forest at a forest service campground.  These are wonderful campgrounds to find for folks with Senior National Park passes ( yours truly), since they offer the camping for half off.  The camping last night in the Modoc at Howard's Gulch campground was only $6.  It is had some of the cleanest pit toilets, including seat covers.  There was water available, though you have to be careful since most forest service campgrounds do not have water.  No one else there for most of the evening.  Lots of birds as this happened to be a bird watch area.

Howard's Gulch Campground

This morning we got up to chilly, but sunny morning, so had our breakfast sitting inside Mr B.  Once the bed is made up, we have two couches that face each other, with a flat table like space between, so it is easy to eat inside.  By the time we started off, the sun was starting to get quite warm.

It's warm in bed and cold out there.

We followed back roads down to the beginning of highway 49, in the Gold country.  Beautiful road, but with lots of curves and ups and downs.  Did not get as far as we thought we would, but still doing okay.
We are in Auburn Ca, which is just a bit northeast of Sacramento.
Gold country rv park

 Tomorrow we will easily make San Mateo for our time with family.  Looking forward to rest of our scenic drive along highway 49 and then the mad rush to get thru the Bay area.

Check in with us again,
Michelle and Fred
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