Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two weeks in Seattle and now on the road in Mr. B

Since our return to the states July 17th, we have been in the Seattle area.  Jessica , Fred and I camped out at Andy and Amanda's.  We all tried, and I think we were pretty good at not being a disruption to their daily routines of work and Xander time.

 We did a bunch of family stuff while Jessica was still with us, visited Jenn and Jeff in their new home, went to Salt Water SP, saw the Statue of Liberty in West Seattle, took a long walk in the local park and had great fun with Xander.  He really seemed to like Jessica alot and was always smiling whenever she was near or holding him.  She left 5 days after our arrival, for home and the start of college in Arizona.  She will be a freshman at Northern Arizona University In Flagstaff.  We wish her good luck in her next year as a student.

After she left, we spent time visiting with friends whenever possible. We spent an overnight in Snoqulmie with friends Keith and Gladys.  It was funny to realize that we had been going by their house each time we went to visit Claudelle and the girls when they lived out there.

 We did another overnight to visit Bill and Robbie, our best friend Tim's parents, out in Squim.  We really enjoy our visits with them, which turn into gab-fests  about their world travels and our bit of world travel.  We will be sure to visit them again on our next visit to the NW.  In the meantime, I know they are enjoying just following us through this blog.

Had a great visit with my friend Clarice, though it was much too short!  Hopefully, she will be coming down to San Antonio this winter and we can contiue to catch up with each other.

Our last day in Seattle was spent with Jenn and Jeff in their great backyard, having a light lunch.  We then met Matt and Carm in the International District of Seattle for dinner at one of all of our favorite restaurants - the Kau Kau Barbeque Palace. A great ending to a wonderful time in the Northwest.
a light lunch with the Koguts

We had decided to bring the rest of our personal items / mementos, which had been stored for the past 2 years with our son, back down to Texas on this trip.  So, we bought a rack to attach to the back of Mr. B and some storage bins.  Turned out to be quite a bit of stuff, since we also have some suitcases of things we brought back from France.  Two of the suitcases are stored under the bed, two bins on the outside rack, two bins and a suitcase are on the floor inside when traveling.  Oh la la!!  Since Mr B way deep down is a one ton truck it seems to be taking this all in stride and not having any problems.

Monday we camped at Maryhill State Park ($32 for an RV site) on the Washington side of the Columbia river.  We were easily able to get one of the four remaining rv sites, under the trees with a nice view of the river.  Park is nicely layed out with some day use area and a beach  including swimming hole in a protected spot on the Columbia.  Not much in the way of boat traffic, though there is a boat ramp. It was sunny and mid90's, but quite nice under the trees.  Taking the bins and wood (forgot to mention that we still had firewood from our  camping  trip in March) out of the back  of the RV and just putting on the ground at the back of Mr. B was an easy and simple operation.  This may work out better than we thought.
Dinner this night was sandwiches, which were pretty good.  As I write this, I am thinking that we may need to add some ice cream to our next shopping list.....not to worry, we did pick up some chocolate mousse for dessert!  Hey, we may be camping, but that doesn't mean we go without treats.

Tuesday we headed off along the Washington side of the Columbia,  towards the Blue Mountains via Hermiston, Lexington and Urica Oregon.  Camped the night in the forest of the North Fork John Day Wilderness, about 10 miles north of Granite.  We enjoyed a super quiet campground in the forest with just the noise of some wind in the trees, a stream flowing close by, birds and squirrels/chipmonks (?) chattering away.  This turned out to be wonderful camping.
protecting bins from dew

time for a little sweep

Tonight we are camped in a KOA, all we could find in the Redmond area.  There is rodeo happening in the area, so not a lot of options.  This, however, is a good stop since it was time for showers!
Next stop will be for groceries, then back into some National Forest camping some where between Bend and the coast, for 2 days

On Saturday night we plan to stop in Sutherlin, at the High-Way Heaven RV park.  This is the one that is in an old drive in.  We have stopped here a few times before, but never during the summer and never on a movie night.  Saturday will be a movie night, including pop corn.
Then Sunday and Monday we'll be camped at Diamond Lake, just north of Crater Lake.  We'll be there for 2 nights.

We are in effect zigzagging our way across Oregon because we can and we have the time. We keep adjusting our travel as we go along and are having the best of time as we go.  We started out with the idea of heading to Reno / Lake Tahoe area for a few days camping, but this is a make-it-up as you go trip, so who knows where we will end up each night.  Eventually we will end up in San Mateo for a few days visit to grandson Quillen, his parents and even a visit with my brother Jerry.

Will keep you posted as we move along the Blue highways.
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!