Sunday, May 12, 2013

Almost one month in Le Cannet

We had not been too excited about coming on this trip.  I admit I was apprehensive about putting the house on the market.  There are lots of memories here, which I realize always stay with you, so it is okay to move on.
Then there was the whole issue about the process of selling the house.  This has again been another summer with a big learning curve.  We're not in the states anymore!  For example, the seller pays for the house inspection, which can often take place before you even have a seller.  Another thing you need to do is to prove that you own the house.    Not very different from the states you say...however, and this is bizarre to me, I must also have documentation validating ownership by my grandparents, my mother and her brother and finally just my mother, who bought out her brothers share of the house.  Thankfully, I had scanned all of this older documentation,  which I have at home in Texas, so am able to provide what is needed for the most part.   Surprisingly, the missing piece is the current house title, which my brother and I never received from our lawyer in 2011.  So, it is being requested, as I write this.  Another difference is that the house needs to be completely emptied at the time of final signing.  Houses are not staged for selling as we do in the states. If selling it yourself to another party, this can vary.  If you use a realtor, the buyer pays all the fees for both parties.

So, how is the sale going?  Don't want to jinx anything, will know more tomorrow.....

Saw our first fireworks display two nights ago.  Not sure what the occasion was, but think it was being done for a cruise ship in the harbor.  A good night, with just enough of a breeze to keep smoke from obscuring the light show.

view of fireworks  from the house were in this area; 

Had our first dinner out on the Place Bellevue which is 5 minutes walking from the house.  It was a bit cooler than I like, but we went with sweaters on and enjoyed ourselves.  A light rain started at the end of dinner, which was fine with us.

Yesterday had lunch at the Tivoli brasserie/restaurant, about 10 minutes from the house.  A brilliant sun on the terrace, which had a few older folks asking to have parasols opened by their tables.  We had an old French dish, tete de veau et langue de boeuf - veal head and beef tongue, served with lovely steamed potatoes and green beans.  Waiter told us this had been the favorite dish of Jacques Chirac, former President. Fred pointed out the few, small dark hairs on his slice of head and I commented that that way you knew it was real. Fred's comment-"Who would counterfeit a veal head?". He is now able to check these off on his want to eat list. I admit that I am not a fan of the veal head, but I did enjoy the tongue.  We were both saved by dessert, chocolate mousse for Fred and a slice of fresh strawberry tart for me.  Two espressos at the end and we were feeling much better.

Putting the finishing touches on the two smaller bedrooms, in anticipation of Alex and Mave, who arrive on Wednesday.  We will go to Nice to pick them up at the airport and bring them up to Le Cannet.  They arrive just in time for the start of the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday.  Lots of Americans are already in town, so they will be hearing lots of English spoken around them.

In the meantime, I have been scanning picture albums and other various things I saved to do this year.  We have bought an Epson scanner/printer which is making the task much simpler.
Have also been gathering a few things that we may mail home or not....not sure what we are doing with the few things that we may still want to keep.  Also some items that Claudelle wanted have been put aside.  We also spend time reading and taking walks in the area.

We will be leaving next Sunday to spend a few days with my cousin Francine and her partner Norbert.  They live in a small village outside of Paris.  She always includes some sort of sightseeing trip for us during our visit, so who knows what we will do this time.  I plan on bringing my laptop so that we can spend some time showing them family pictures and some of our travel pictures.  Hopefully, I will not bore them to sleep.

Enough for today.  Love to all,
Michelle and Fred
Traveling in France so you don't have to!