Sunday, April 28, 2013

First week in Le Cannet

A few days overcoming jet lag and then we were ready to begin life in the village.  It was really nice to be welcomed by neighbors and merchants that we had gotten to know over previous visits.  It's really like coming home again.

Last weekend we went to Antibes, a harbor town east of Cannes, with my cousin Philippe, his wife Carole and their son Bastien.  The occasion was a chance to see daughter Maeva, who was working a booth at a yacht show / sale. Many  of the yachts were of a size to travel across the Atlantic, some up to 300 ft.  The viewing was exterior only, not a climb on board to see how the rich folk live .  I'm sure the seriously interested were able to set up real viewing times.  This was definitely one of those situations where if you have to ask the price, you can not afford to buy!  Antibes used to be a quiet coastal town which somehow became known to the British, who seem to have taken the town as theirs.  Many of the yachts in the harbor were flying the Union Jack and there are even a few pubs in town.

Antibes yacht show
This past week we have been watching the rain coming down on the "sunny riviera".  I feel sorry for the tourists who are here expecting sun and warm temperatures.  We know it will get better, but we also have the luxury of time, waiting for the change.  It has been cold in the house, since the thick stone walls need sun to warm them up.  We tried lighting the gas heater in the dining / kitchen area, but after numerous tries and then a big flash and loud bang, we ended that experiment.  Instead we have a couple of electric space heaters which are keeping us warm.   Unfortunately, the weather this weekend and most of next week is wet and gloomy looking.
So what do we do for entertainment since outside is anything but great? We eat out at some of our regular restaurants.  Some of what we had so far:  sliced duck in a rich, dark sauce with homemade mashed potatoes; couscous served with chicken, lamb, pork and spicy merguez sausages which you then top with lots of broth full of garbanzos, carrots, zucchini; pizza with great thin crusts; fresh trout that has been grilled with Mediterranean spices.

Every morning we walk to the local baker to get a freshly baked baguette for breakfast- we are in France after all. :).  In addition we get either a croissant or pain au chocolat for a snack later in the day or evening, depends upon whether we eat lunch or dinner that day.  We eat breakfast and usually just one meal a day.

Fred has also been doing a bit of quick and easy cooking for us.  It has been great to just walk to the store in the village and pick up whatever we need for dinner that night.  That activity usually means leaving the house about 3:30 to first have coffee at the brasserie, which is on the way.  We get to sit for about 45mins, enjoying our coffee and watching the neighborhood folks in their daily business.  A wonderfully French way to enjoy life!

We have met with our realtor and are proceeding with the sale of the house.  He of course says to be realistic in price, but that it is also a good time for selling, there are buyers looking for something in the medieval village of Le Cannet.  The house is basically in good shape, but will need some updating.  We know!  He is confident, much better than the alternative, that we may be able to sell before we leave for the States in July.  This week we hope to have all our ducks in a row to have it posted for sale.  Crossing our fingers!
Till next time,
Michelle and Fred
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