Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A grandson is born!

Grandson Frederick Alexander "Xander" Inman was born on March 24th, his due date! He weighed in at 8.4lbs and 20.25inches long. We really had to hold back from just rushing over to the hospital to see him, but those of you who are grandparents can imagine how we were on pins and needles waiting to see him.  We visited him the day after he was born and oh what a delight it was!  One of the funniest times of our visit was when Amanda and I got to watch grandpa and dad bonding with Xander while cutting his sharp little nails.  It did take lots of maneuvering this way and that for them to get the right angles with the clippers....quite funny to watch.

day two in the life of  Frederick Alexander

He is now a little over 2 weeks old and has already changed a lot.  He has put on weight- 9.1 lbs and grown longer -21 inches already.  He is a joy to just sit and hold endlessly.  He eats and sleeps, and eats and sleeps with some awake time when he seems to watch and listen to whoever is holding him.  A wonderful baby!

We decided that the weather was so nice last week that we went off for a few days camping in Anacortes, Wa on Fidalgo Island, just off the San Juan's.  The city of Anacortes runs a wonderful park at the tip of Fidalgo Island, with camp sites in the woods.  There are good trails to walk, a scenic walking/driving loop, a boat launch and beach. Our friend Nick told us about this camping spot and he was right, it was great.  Though we had never camped here in all our time living in the area, it is very well known by the Canadians since it is not far from Vancouver Island.  I believe there is a ferry from Anacortes to Vancouver Island and another ferry to Friday Harbor.   Most of the campers were from Canada.  We got lots of looks with our Texas license plates and a nice welcome by the park "ranger".
The weather that weekend was sunny and warm, high 50s to mid 60s. There was a touch of fog as we arrived at the park, but this cleared up quickly.  We woke up the next day to a beautiful sunny day,  which as another camper said  "a perfect July day" and he was right.  We had three wonderful days there and enjoyed good campfires each night, something we don't get the chance to do often in our travels in the southwest.  Most folks left on Sunday morning, so it really got quiet, with just a few campers left.  This definitely turned out to be Northwest camping at its best.

deer behind the trees, watching us in camp

view on one of our hikes

fog behind the sailboat

moss on tress and ground

quick get that fire going before it really gets cold

Mr. B has been in the shop getting a new stereo and speakers installed.  An upgrade needed to make life on the road a bit more pleasurable.  When we get back from France, we will include satellite radio for those long drives in the middle of nowhere.

Our dance card filled up last week and this week with more family time and visits with friends.  Went out to dinner with our good friend Tim.  We chose to go to eat at a Greek restaurant , Yanni's in the Greenwood section of Seattle.  Yanni's has been there for a long, long time and a neighborhood favorite.  Chef Ramsey, from the Food Channel, had recently come to help them renovate/improve.  The dining room was much nicer and the menu was no longer the multi-page book that it used to be.  Don't tell Chef Ramsey, but Tim was still able to order items that were not on the menu.....

Later in the week we had lunch with our friend Christine, who has just retired from the library.  She is just beginning to feel the relaxation that comes on with retirement.  Enjoy Chris!

Another couple of visits with Xander of course, while we squeezed in other activities.  Had dinner and a movie with Jenn and Jeff.  Was a wonderful evening with them which meant we visited with Pascal, Cooper and Jasmin, their cats.  Makes us miss our "loaner cat" Miss Penny, back home in Texas.

This weekend we went out to spend two days with Tim and his parents Ann and Bill in Squim, Wa.  Bill was in the US Foreign Service, mostly in South America and Germany.  We spent hours talking about all of our various travels.  We really, really enjoyed our time together and hope to do a quick visit again when we return to the States in July.
a fun group at brunch in Squim
We are now down to one week before we leave for France, so are trying to get the rest of our dance card filled in.  We know that we will definitely be going to Leavenworth, Wa with Clarice.  There are some good German eats to be had there, at the end of an enjoyable 2 hour drive, over the Cascade Mountains, from Seattle.

While here in the Seattle area we are actually living in Kirkland, with our good friend Clarice.  We had not expected that we would be staying with her all this time, but we are all really having a good time, so it seems to be working out well after all.  We are trying to continue to be good "campers" in her condo and not interfere too much.  We hope that we can at some time pay her back by having her come for a good long stay in San Antonio.

Enough for tonight,
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!