Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Sheehan I don't think we're in Texas anymore!"

We travelled from Cottonwood to our next stop, Joshua Tree National Park.  We have camped here so many times and really enjoy this desert setting.  Since I have a Golden Age pass for the national parks, our camping cost half price, just $7.50.  We were not disappointed with a wonderful night here.  The sky was dark and clear, so we saw lots and lots of stars, including the recent comet that passed close to the earth.  The comet started out a bit dim with the naked eye, best using our binoculars, but you could still see the stream of light in the tail.

Next stop  was Carpenteria, Ca and a night at a state park beach. On the way we stopped at Mission San Antonio which we just happened to spot as we drove up 101.  It was definitely off the beaten path on a small winding country road, yea we can do this and thru a military installation - Fort Hunter Liggett.  The mission was not much to see, but a nice stop during the day.

incredible purple crystal rock on the chapel alter

Mission San Antonio de Padua
Mission San Antonio Padua, Ca.
Fort Hunter Liggett

We were shocked at the state park camping fees in California.  I really thought the volunteer was joking when he said that a non-hook up site was $45 and a hook-up site $75.  If we wanted a site with a view of the Pacific the price went up .  Seems that California was taking advantage of this being spring break and hiked up their fees.  After a bit of searching for other, non-existent options in the area, we settled on taking a non-hook up site with a peek-a-boo view of the ocean.  Amazingly, there were lots of spaces to choose from...Once we got over the price, we settled into our spot and I enjoyed a really long walk on the beach, while Fred settled into a shady spot with his book.  Lots of cool & fog that evening and morning, so no stars and no more walks on the beach.

path to the beach
Carpenteria State Park Beach

San Mateo, a bit south of San Francisco, was our next stop. Here we visited with grandson Quill (19months) and his parents.  He is such a cute little guy and has of course, changed so much since we last saw him in September.  We had a great time watching him in his daily activities.  He is very verbal in his own language with words and phrases thrown into the mix that the rest of us can understand.  It was wonderful to get to spend a few days with them all.

We also had a visit with my brother who lives nearby in San Bruno.  He was eager to show us his new apartment located in a garden setting complex which includes a pool, jacuzzi, small exercise room and club house.  The apartment is spacious with lots of light and a nice balcony.  He can easily put a small table and a few chairs to eat outside in the great Mediterranean climate of this area.

It was now time to move on to Seattle.  We arrived here on Tuesday and it has been a typical spring, with some sun, some rain, some hail and some snow.
"Pacific in sight, o the joy"!!

The high yesterday at noon was 39 degrees- yikes!
We spent two nights with Andy and Amanda in their new home.  We sat around waiting for their  baby to arrive, which as I write is still not making his appearance.  Mom-to-be is totally ready for this baby.  NOW!

We are now spending some time with our friend Clarice.  The three of us are just gabbing, eating and thinking of some day trips we can take.

Today we had lunch with Jenn and Jeff in Bellevue.  After a great lunch we went walking in Juanita Bay Park to enjoy the 50degree sunny weather.  We all enjoyed watching turtles sunning on logs in the water, while red wing black birds darted all around.  Then some gelato before we headed off on  our own ways, till the next time we can visit.

All of this while we continue to wait for Frederick Alexander Inman to arrive.

Stay tuned for more baby info

Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!