Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013 A story of change

The Roulotte is gone, though still in sight.  We sold it to our friends Jeannie and Joe, the owners of the RV Park we live in.  We were somewhat sad to see it go, since it did bring us some good travels.  It eventually brought us here to our new home in Somerset Texas.  Long live the Roulotte!

After two years in the Roulotte we had come to realize that it was not the style of traveling that we liked.  We were too restricted to main roads and having to reserve all our stops to be sure we had a space big enough to fit our "show".  We missed being able to travel smaller roads and stopping to see sights along the way.  The final decision was made when we realized that our last 3 trips were made using the Passat and hotels.

We are now the owners of a new home-our fifth wheel trailer.  Why is it called a fifth wheel you ask.  It has an attachment at the front that fits into the bed of a pickup truck and pivots as it goes down the road.  Back in the 1920s it was an actual wheel that was the pivot point for the pickup and the trailer.  A bit of trivia that I just learned.
Anyway, we now live in a spacious fifth wheel, with lots of room for guests.  This is now like living in a small one bedroom condo.  It has a really nice kitchen, with plenty of storage (we don't even fill most of it), great counter aisle and large refrigerator.  Fred is back to actually cooking!
Dining area has a table that expands easily to seat 4 for dinner.  Living room has a hide-a-bed and two leather recliners.  There is even a desk area, which I really love. I really like the slide out desk tray that I can store my laptop in when not in use.  I have our printer/scanner set up so that I can just attach cable to my laptop and do whatever I need then.  Used to be that the printer/scanner had to be hauled out of a closet in the bedroom, clear table space and then set it up to do any sort of work.
The bathroom and bedroom are on another level in the front of the trailer.  Again with so much storage space that it also is not filled.  Great shower and if we wanted has a closet for a washer/dryer stack. I am currently using it as a linen closet, place to store the vaccum and Fred even has room to store a small tool bag.

We moved to a new location in the RV Park at the same time as we moved into the fifth wheel.  We now have some mesquite trees on both sides of us and a grove of mesquite to see out our large back picture window.  The fifth wheel will stay in the RV Park, which is now our new home.  All in all, we are really very happy with our new home.
When we want to travel, we will now us our Dodge conversion van - Pleasure Way class B motor home. We have started calling it "Mr B" since it is a class B motor home.  It is a camper that is about 20ft long and 8ft 9 inches tall.  It is fully contained with small cooking area, bathroom and sleeping area.  You can stand up in most of the space, although there are some areas that have caused both of us to hit our heads.  It's a learning experience!  This will allow us to be on the smaller roads and explore areas differently, which is the way we really like to travel.

We have been busy for the past few days getting ready to hit the road.  We are heading to Seattle for birth of grandson, Frederick Alexander Inman, in March.  We will be visiting family in Arizona and San Francisco area as we travel north.  We are excited about seeing family and friends, but not so happy to be leaving our warm spring weather here.  Oh well, so it goes.  Just hope we don't get caught by any snow!

flowering yucca behind our home

road runner going by our back window

bird sitting on yucca

Mid-April we will then fly off to France for another 3 months.  Finishing up on clearing out the house and getting it on the market.  Granddaughter Jessica will join us there mid-June, as her high school graduation gift.  Will be great fun to show her some of France.
See you soon.
Michelle and Fred
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