Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pow Wow, car races and Greek festival

As you can see by the title of this blog, we have been busy enjoying some of the local events.   Seeing what goes on in different parts of the country is why we "hit the road".  Believe me, it sure keeps things from getting too boring.  Weather here has been really good with daytime temperatures in mid to high 80s and evenings getting down to 50s.  We actually had to pull out a light weight blanket to put on the bed.  It is muggy though, so we often have the AC going to stay comfortable.  Butterflies have finished migrating through for this year.  We do seem to have a few more hard biting mosquitoes though, so the bug spray has become our friends in the evenings.

During the week we have spent lots of time watching the baseball games.  We have gotten out our grill and Fred has grilled us some dogs, to go with the games. We have satellite tv at the campground, so we get lots of channels here, including many in HD.  We have a wonderful monitor that our son gave us as a going away gift, so we are really enjoying it now.

Last weekend we checked out a Native American Pow Wow in San Antonio, with friends Jeannie and Joe.  The Pow Wow was a great visiting time for the many Native American  families that came to San Antonio. As the dances started the announcer would say where folks had come from and share some personal information, such as who was back from Iraq/Afghanistan and who was now in better health etc.   Many states were represented at this Pow Wow, which was both a dance contest and a craft fair.
We were not sure how the judging was done for the dance section, since they all seemed wonderful. The feathers were flying during some of the dances! I think that just about everyone got some sort of prize.
Lots to see in the craft area also and I even got a few small trinkets for a few family members.  Not giving out any secrets here, they'll just have to wait.
The four of us had a great time and to finish off the day went to B&B Smokehouse for dinner.

Friday night, Oct 19, the four of us went to SA Speedway to see 1/2 mile track races.  This track has been closed for the past 6 years, with races moving to other tracks in Austin, Huston and other towns in the area.
A group of guys decided it would really be nice to do some special races here again, so they worked hard at pulling this together.  This weekend was thus the 11th annual OctoberFast event at the track.
Lots of qualifying runs were happening this evening in addition to some actual racing.  Some good races, with a couple of good spin outs with no one getting hurt, but cars getting taken off the track on tow trucks.  Fans were even given the "good smell" of tire burnouts, which some of the drivers decided they wanted to do after they had raced.  Ah, the air full of smoke and that's racing!  Thankfully there was a good breeze that evening, so it dissipated all that quickly.  It was really lots of fun, something that I had never done before.  My experiences with racing had always been involving motorcycles.

Today we are off to SA to the church of St. Sophia for their annual festival.   This will be a dancing, crafts and Greek food festival.  Looking forward to another fun day.

getting some Greek coffe to share; it's wonderfully strong and sweet. yummy!

front of the Greek Church

Sorry, but technical difficulties here tonight with our internet connection.  Not able to load some of the video that I was hoping to do for the Speedway and the Greek Festival.  Oh well, this is going out to you tonight as is.  Will try again later this week maybe.

Tonight we are packing a few things in a bag and in the morning we are off to Big Bend National Park.  Leaving the Roulotte in Somerset, just taking the car and doing some motel-ing.
Stay tuned for more of our travels.
Michelle and Fred
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