Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back in Somerset Texas

Two weeks in Somerset Texas

Yup, we've been back in Texas for two weeks and have pretty much just taken it easy.  It is so nice to not have to be doing any sorting of family stuff or doing any house cleaning.  It has just been nice to sit, read, watch baseball now.

It has been alternating between hot, sunny, very cool and rainy here these past two weeks.  There were a few storms that came thru last week, one day we got 4 inches of rain and 2 inches of rain another day.  This is not the usual Seattle type of rain, where it kinda "pisses" all day, but instead hard steady rain.  We have still been out walking and enjoying the signs of fall.

These are a few pictures of our recent 2 mile walk by the Medina River.

view of Medina River

We have been getting to know our RVparks owners, Joe and Jeannie, a bit more. They took us to one of their fun eating spots in San Antonio, the Pig House.  Had a diner look, with old-time music boxes at the tables. We then spent a few hours seeing the sites and driving around some of the San Antonio neighborhoods.  A fun day!

I'm happy because our neighbors, the goats, are still next to our camping.  Here are a few of them and the big leader of the pack.

Since yesterday afternoon we have been overwhelmed by the annual migration of what may be Monarch butterflies.  This is apparently a yearly migration from Canada to Mexico.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds moving thru the air.  It is quite a sight to see, but also a bit depressing since they get smashed against the cars.  After just a 10mile drive, our windshield is covered in butterfly guts and there are about 15 actual bodies on the front of the car. UGH!

Today we took our first little day trip, up into the Texas hill country, most specifically Pedernales Falls State Park.  We decided to buy a State park pass for $70, which we are sure we will get to use over the next few months.  Besides, we always like to support the state parks, be they in Washington state or Texas.
Pedernales River runs through this park, which has camping, hiking and swimming options.  It was a bit cooler, but high humidity up there, so we even had a few drops falling on us when we first got there.

We have been quite surprised and happy to see lots of Obama signs out in many of the small towns and big cities here in Texas.  Gives us quite a positive feeling for the upcoming election.  Go OBAMA!

Well, off to check my dryer and finish doing laundry.  Check in again soon.
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