Saturday, September 22, 2012

A week in Arizona!

Time in Arizona - September 2012
A really good week visiting Claudelle and the girls.  Started last weekend with Homecoming at Mingus High School, so we got to see the preparations that Tabitha and Jessica did that day.  They both looked great, but it is hard to realize that they are so grown up.  Gees, Jessica has been driving for almost a year now!  She is busy pulling together college applications and studying to take extra SAT tests.   She has a goal in sight and is working hard to accomplish it.
Tabitha continues to work with the church that she and her mother attend.  She spent a few hours today as a volunteer working with elderly at a local assisted living facility.  She is turning into a wonderful person in front of our eyes.

fixing the dress

During this week we have gotten to know Todd, Claudelle's new friend.  He is a funny, friendly guy who can cook up a storm, he has been a chef previously. Thank goodness she has someone who can cook for them....LOL!
In the meantime we have gone twice to Phoenix to see the Diamondbacks play. We took Jessica to one of the games and had a great time!  The roof on the ballpark was closed both days since the temps were up 102-103 both days.

foul ball that Fred caught at a Dbacks game

We also visited Montezuma's Castle and Montezuma's Well, both local tourist attractions.
We also did some back road driving tours which were really fun.

Indian habitation at Montezuma's Well

The most fun was had by getting a helicopter tour around the red rocks of Sedona.  Claudelle is now selling these tours, so we had the option of getting a complimentary tour from her.

Fred is making pulled pork for dinner tonight as requested by both Tabitha and Jessica.  The house smells so good!
Tomorrow will be our last day to hang out with all of them.  On Monday (9/24) we head back to the Roulotte in Texas.  We will be there on Wednesday.

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