Monday, September 10, 2012

Seattle to San Mateo, Ca

Seattle to San Mateo, California
Hard to believe we are back in the states a little over a week and a half.  We agree we miss not being in France, as it does grow on you being there as long as we had.  We both miss the village life and the life style which is so different.  We are, however, happy to see our kids again since we do not get to see them often anymore.
We spent 5 days in Seattle, visiting family and friends.  Seems weird to think that many will not be seen until spring of next year.  While staying at our friend Clarice's, she and I did a lot of genealogy together.  I had found lots of Sheehan family info at the house in Le Cannet.  Not to be left out, we also worked on the Inman family.  Seems as though he had family in this country before the Pilgrims even arrived! Fred likes to say that when the Pilgrims arrived his folks said "howdy" to them.

Leaving Seattle, our first destination was Medford Oregon.  Traveling through Oregon we stopped at C+R drive in, just off I-5, by Rice Hill.  Wonderful place to take a break and get a milk shake.  I had a huckleberry shake and Fred had a chocolate shake.  If you happen to be traveling with a dog, they also offer a little dog bowl of ice cream with a small dog biscuit on top.  A nice find for us, who will probably spend many a year doing some of this travel.

We continued on to Medford to visit with our son-in-laws parents.  We really enjoy visiting with them and exchanging travel stories.  We also get to see our siamese cat "Kitty", who was adopted by them when we left Seattle.  All in all a great time together.
Leaving Medford we decided to change our itinerary for getting to San Mateo, which was our next stop on our migration south.  So, we headed into California and just a bit past the "border crossing"  headed southwest on highway 96.  This is a beautiful road that follows the Kalamath River through the forest ending in Eureka.  Spent the night just south of Eureka, in Scotia a logging company owned town.  We had seen a historic Inn there about 2 years ago, so decided to spend the night there.  It was okay, not really that great, so we can cross that off our list now.

Have now had a nice visit with Quillan, Christa, Evan and their 3 cats.  Quillan, who is 13 months old already, is taking swimming lessons on Saturday mornings.  What great fun to see him really enjoying the water and even come up smiling when he is under water as part of the lesson.  He is such a happy child and just a joy!  Below is Quillan walking the plank during the lesson.

Yesterday we all went to the California Academy.of Science. Lots to see there- butterflies, fish, snakes and 18 baby ostrichs running around.  We even saw a cleaner shrimp going into an eels mouth to clean it out for the eel.  The eel just sits there with mouth open for about 45 seconds at a time while the shrimp does its job.  Then the eel kind of hiccoughs it out to breath before the shrimp starts again.  When the eel has enough, it kinds shakes the shrimp away to tell it enough.  Amazing!  We did go into the earthquake exhibit and feel the shaking, but for those of us who were in Seattle during the last quake this seemed quite tame.
While here we also got to have two visits with my brother who also lives in this area.  Had time to update him on what had been happening in France and find out what has been going on with him here.  We had a long breakfast with him and his friend Susan this morning.  Quite a nice visit!
In the morning we leave here and take our time as we head to visit daughter Claudelle and granddaughters Jessica and Tabitha in Cottonwood Arizona.  We will do a bit of sightseeing as we go along.

Stay tuned, you never know what we might find on the road.
Michelle and Fred
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