Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A breath of fresh air in Figaniere!
Train tickets bought, small bag packed and off we went to visit our favorite aunt, Lyne at her house in the country.  With a wonderful start to our visit by having a great lunch in the small village near where she lives.  We were the only ones in the restaurant, so had lots of time to eat and chat-3hours.
Then off we head to her house and a quick check on the Tour de France which was still happening.  Then Lyne and I started looking at pictures that I had brought with me.  I was trying to identify people and places that I was seeing in these pictures.  It was a good time to start just chatting about our family.
I took a little break to get in a swim in the pool before we had tea and macaroons.  Yummy!

The three of us talked about travel and trips that we have taken.  Lyne and my uncle Noel did lots of travel to unusual places in the world, like Cape Horn, China and St. Petersburg Russia for example.  The next day she brought out her Cape Horn picture albums so we could see some of this extraorindary trip.
Later in the day we watched old family movies that had been transferred to dvd.  Quite fun for us all.
I again took a quick dip in the pool before tea.  More macaroons...still yummy!  A quiet evening together with lots of sharing of family stories from both sides of the Atlantic.

We had such a wonderful visit!  By the time we left the next morning we felt so refreshed and relaxed.  It was an interlude that we needed after having spent so much time at the house going thru things there.
We look forward to another great visit with Lyne in Figaniere when Jenn and Jeff arrive.

Until then,
Michelle and Fred
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