Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Traveling to Seattle

So, we are on the road to Seattle.  Day one was from Somerset to Amarillo Texas.  We knew it was going to be a long day since it was about 520 miles driving on day one.  We were up at 6am to prepare the Roulotte to spend the summer in the RV park.  Then on the road with our first stop – Starbucks.  We did not want to make breakfast that morning in the Roulotte.

This was a long day with scenery that did not change much as we drove thru the Panhandle. We drove all day and we were still in Texas at the end of the day.  Texas is big!  We were really tired at the end of the day, since we were not yet used to doing such a long all day drive.  We stayed in the Big Texan motel, which was a funky western looking place.  We did end up with a really good dinner at the Big Texan.  We watched a guy eat a 72oz steak, salad, baked potato and roll, quite a sight.

Next day we drove from Amarillo to Denver, 421 miles.  For some reason Fred again thought we should get up at 6am to get on the road.  We did have to wait until 7am to get breakfast at the Big Texan.  Oh well, so we got another early start.  We started out again in Texas, drove thru a small bit of Oklahoma and then into Colorado.  Well during the morning, guess what, we gained an hour as we changed time zones.  So, we could have slept in a bit more which would have been nice.  Oh well we still had a great day.  We made a short stop in Lamar Colorado, a town along the road, for a rest break.  While there we talked with a couple of interesting guys in the Visitor Center.  We got some great ideas of things to see in the area between Lamar and Denver.   Here are some interesting pictures of the Lamar visitor center.  

this is one blade of a windmill, many are seen along the hills in this area.

amazing size of these things, that you never get when seeing it out  on the hills.

Interesting to us was the fact that near this area was a Japanese Relocation Camp.  

It got us off on a different road and headed to see Bent’s Old Fort near La Junta Colorado, which is a bit  below Pueblo.    Charles and William Bent, brothers originally from out of St Louis, decided to build a trading post here, along the Arkansas River.  This was like an oasis in the wilderness with lots of fur trappers bringing furs here that were in much demand back east.  We spent a couple of hours here as we walked around with a ranger in period costume making the history come alive.  He even had us participating by pretending to be some Indians trying to barter with sign language.  It was quite fun!  We could see that the area around here and Pueblo had a lot of interesting historical interest and we will be back at some time.

We ended up in Denver for the evening, very tired and had a simple meal in the hotel cafĂ©.  Nothing special, but it was convenient and easy.  Denver was an interesting mix of modern buildings and grain elevators in the same area.  Quite interesting visually with the Rockies as the background.  We will be back at some point to visit Denver.

Today, we drove from Denver to Sheridan Wyoming.  What a beautiful state.  Some areas flat, than rolling hills and lots of green.  We are laughing about it this evening, as we realize that we have been in dry areas for so long that the sight of grass is spectacular to us.  It does seem very, very green!
Sheridan seems to be a pretty western looking town.  This is a gateway to Yellowstone National Park, so a busy area.

During the trip we have seen prairie dogs in the wild, horses, cattle, prong horns, beefalo.  Beefalo are a combination of beef and buffalo combined, the size and shape is bug with the fur of buffalo.
Tomorrow we drive from Sheridan to Missoula, Montana about 470 miles.  Hopefully, another good day of driving, with a bit of sightseeing.

Finally, Friday evening we will be in Seattle area. Should be fun, with a great party in a week, Andy and Amanda’s wedding! Yippee!
Stay tuned,

Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back home in Texas for a few days

We have now been back to our Texas "home", Somerset, for the past two days.  We got warm welcomes from our RV park hosts, including hugs all around.  We have our same site and our name is still on the mailbox.

at home in Somerset, Texas

Best of all, the goats living on the farm next to us are still there.  The babies are now about 6 months old and trotting everywhere with moms.  Lots of fun to watch the little troop.

We went to a baseball game last night, in San Antonio, to see a AA game.  The SA Missions ( San Diego Padres) vs the Midland Rockhounds (Oakland Athletics).  Unfortunately, the Missions lost 6-5.  Was a great night to watch a ball game, about 83 degrees at start of game.  It is wonderful to be able to go to games in tee shirts and shorts, with just a light sweater needed at end of evening.

The only other activity is to gather stuff we need for our trip to Seattle.  We are finding this trip to be a bit more of a packing exercise than usual for us.  It is a three part trip, drive to Seattle, wedding, than trip to France.  Each has its own weather and clothing needs.  Weather here has been in high 80s during the day, even got to 93 today.

Our daily mile walk has been altered some since a dead cow has been left on one of the side roads that we take.  Its the country remember, so there are plenty of cows and horses around us, just never expected to see one dumped on the side of this very quiet country road.  Our RV park hosts told us that someone once dumped a dead horse there...ugh!  The sight of the cow is anything but pretty, but its the AWFUL smell!  Today buzzards were having a feast.

Anyway, we leave in the morning for Seattle.  Bags are packed and in the car.  Hotels have been booked along the way, Amarillo, Denver, Sheridan Wyoming and Missoula Montana.  We will be staying at our friend Clarices' condo.  She is so amazing to be able to let us stay there!

Enough for tonight.  Have a few dishes to do, then it's off to bed for a early start in the morning.  Amarillo is about 520 miles from here.  It seems odd to us to be leaving the Roulotte for so long.

See some of you soon!
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!