Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4 days - 3 states - 1 granddaughter

Grand daughter Tabitha flew in to Little Rock Arkansas on Saturday night to spend spring break with us.

Wasting no time the next day, we went off on back roads to find the Louisiana Purchase Historic Park, in Arkansas.  Once at the Park, you follow a wooden walkway to a marker that was placed at the site where the measuring starts.  This was quite a site to find, since it is on a few backroads, without much in the way of signage on the way.  We had some help when we stopped at the Central Delta Depot Museum in Brinkley, Arkansas.   Turns out Brinkley is the town that Freds' all time favorite Louis Jordan was born.  The Depot curator was a veritable walking encyclopedia.  It was a great stop!  We spent the day driving along backroads and enjoying the countryside.  A full day for all of us.

Back in Tennessee on day two was spent at Graceland.  What a place from the mansion, the jets, the cars and all the many gift shops on site.  The King is still in full business, he is not done yet. Whew!

Dinner was at the Blues City restaurant for Tabitha's first taste of catfish.  the verdict - "okay, not my favorite".  Oh well, we have more food options to go... Then strolled Beale Street for a bit and could here all kinds of blues coming out on to the streets.
Tuesday was spent at the Memphis Zoo to see the Pandas and other animals.  Innocents abroad, that we were, we did not realize that it was spring break in the area and that a new dinasaur show had just started a few days before. We couldn't get into the parking lot it was so crowded, but there was lots of on street parking.  We did get to see the Pandas and a few other animals turned out to be a hot day, but we had great fun.

Then off to the Peabody Hotel to watch the docks walking the red carpet up to their penthouse suite.  No way, you say.  Well it is and there is a whole ceremony at 11 am when they come down and 5pm when they go back up to the suite.  All of this carefully orchestrated by the official Duck Master.  It was a hoot and we had great fun with about 100 other people watching this trip of the ducks.

Dinner was ribs at the Rendezvous Cafe in a back alley of Memphis.  Sitting here writing about this and watching Food Channel host visiting this same restaurant and praising the pork here.  Verdict from Tabitha - too busy eating to speak.  Incredible!

Today, Wednesday, we traveled on to our third state, Mississippi.  Our goal was to follow the trail of "The Help" , which was about life in the Belhaven district of Jackson Mississippi.  We found a tour online and so we thought we had it made.  Well, it is all a bunch of drive around this street, then that street and then turn around again to approach the area from a new street....on...on...on again.  Oh and the streets are almost real streets, bumps, bigger bumps, dips, curves.  It was still quite fun since it was a really beautiful neighborhood with lots of lovely old trees and flowering azealas everywhere.  But, it did not really feel like seeing the movie.  I bet the neighborhood will soon be tired of folks like us driving all around  and stopping to take pictures of peoples homes.  Glad we got there first.

Not sure what tomorrow will be, but it will be some high entertainment as we continue in Miss and then head home to Arkansas via Tennessee.

Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you that Fred and I did go to visit the Bill Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock.  It was such a disappointment, poorly thought out, with displays poorly setup.  An example was the technology display out of service, which I found a bit impossible to accept considering the internet was such a big part of this administration.  Too many small pictures, so difficult to see them and lots without labels on them, instead a card with info somewhere in the display case.  There were some interesting parts but they were few and far between.  The most bizarre was that the store was not on site, not even in the take a shuttle bus to nearby shopping area.

More to come Tabitha is here until Saturday, when she heads back to Arizona.  We continue to enjoy having her visit us.  She is having fun watch the boat traffic going up and down the Mississippi right outside the Roulotte.

Michelle, Fred and Tabitha
Traveling the country so you don't have to!