Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just traveling & some more

Our good times in Cottonwood came to an end almost a week ago.  Hard to believe that Thanksgiving was over a week ago already.  We really had a great time together doing some day trips, turkey feast and signing Christmas carols in the dark while traveling back from the Grand Canyon.
This is round two of this same blog.  Was writing the original earlier today and was at the last few lines, when suddenly the "dog ate my homework" (Fred is convinced that is what happened), everything but the title disappeared.  I have it set to save about every 2 mins when I am writing, so no idea where it went.  Briefly, very briefly saw the original, in an earlier uncompleted version, but even that disappeared into the "dark cloud".  As Fred says, "should not take me as long to write it again".  LOL

So, we left Cottonwood on Nov 28, 2011 with our final destination being San Antonio.  When traveling, we have the car attached behind us the whole time.  We do not unhook during travel days since it is a bit of work getting it on and off ramp, connecting battery each time and just too much work after a day of driving the Roulotte.  With the car attached, the 35ft Roulotte now becomes a 55ft colossus.  This is not something you drive off the highway to go check out what may be some interesting site.  So, we learn about some of the areas we drive past by reading the links that I attach here in the blog.  Since we stay attached, dinners are pretty simple while traveling.  Often when the weather was hot, we ate sandwiches, so as not to heat up the Roulotte cooking.  This trip we experimented with some frozen dinners, actually some Zatharaines (sp?) (Cajun / new Orleans style dinners) which turned out fine.  We also had a night of left over turkey-yum!

Our first stop was Benson, AZ.  A desert community with a great RV park that we spent the night in.  Was very warm and sunny, so no sooner did we arrive, but out came the chairs and we enjoyed the evening.  The place was pretty empty since most folks were arriving on or about Dec 1st.  Seemed to have a full social calendar of events for these folks during the winter.  It was a very nice spot to spend some time and we may do so on another trip since there are lots of things to see and do in the area.

Next saw us on the road bright and early, about 8:45 by the time we had some breakfast and got the Roulotte ready to roll.  We went thru New Mexico, but there wasn't much to see from the highway.  Did spot an interesting billboard advertising the duck races in Deming New Mexico.  You say what???

Go to YOUTube to see what they are doing in Deming.
At a rest stop just above Las Cruces,NM we saw a giant Roadrunner.

No information about this guy and no one to ask.  He was about 16-18ft high, standing on hill just to the side of the rest area, looking down on the city of Las Cruces.  1% for art????
We stopped for the night in our least favorite city, so far, El Paso.  Hey you gotta do what you gotta do.
The RV park is at just the right distance for the day, we try to only do about 300 miles a day.  At 60-65 mph, that is quite enough for Fred in one day and we had made it to Texas already.  This was a spot we had stayed at before, so it was easy to find and we had time to get out the chairs before the sun set.

Day three found us driving, driving, driving to our next spot for the night-Ft. Stockton.  This is way out there, in the middle of nowhere and is the big city for the area.  If folks want a  special night out, they go up to Midlands/Odessa, where Barbara Bush grew up.  The Bush's may still have a house in that area, not sure.

Hey, check out the bird in the Ft. Stockton link above.  We'll wattayknow..... Worlds largest?  I don't think so....oh well, must have been at the time y'all.
We will be back to this area while we are down here, since we plan to go explore a bit in Big Bend National Park.  Any way, we got there in time to enjoy taking our chairs out and sitting a while....gotta do what you gotta do

me and my kindle!

Day four, our last travel day was sunny and windy, the kind of day that RVers dread.  The wind was only blowing 20-30 mph, but with something as big as we are its like hitting a brick wall.  Fred did a great job of keeping us going straight down the highway, but I do confess that I was sitting in my seat a bit white knuckled at times.  We had some incredible gusts that felt like they were picking us up.  I kid you not.  Fred admitted later that if it had been just a bit more windy, gusty, we would have found someplace to wait it out, instead of trying to make it to San Antonio this day.
The wind finally eased up about 3/4 of the way there, so we did make it as planned.  We were very happy to find our RV park and see that they had reserved the same space we had been in before.  We are right next to a beautiful mesquite tree.
So, what did we do upon guessed it, took out the chairs and relaxed.  Enjoyed the last of our turkey that night.

We are now settling in to our "winter Texans" life here.  Yesterday we went for a 3 mile hike along the Medina River.  Today we are being homebodies since the weather is bad here-rain, wind, cold.  Though I can not complain, since we had worse Decembers in our recent pasts!

Well enough for now since the Internet is VERY slow here now, maybe due to the wind etc.
Till next time,
Michelle and Fred
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