Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Travels from Gilroy, CA to Cottonwood, AZ

We are now in Arizona visiting our daughter Claudelle and granddaughters Jessica and Tabitha.  I feel as though we have come full circle since we began our travels in Cottonwood.  We have seen so many things since then and so much has changed in during this time.  Daughter Jenn and her husband Jeff will also be joining us here for Thanksgiving.  I am really looking forward to this family gathering!

The really big news is that our son, Andy and his girlfriend Amanda have just announced their engagement!!!! We are so happy for them!  Sounds as though the wedding may be in early May? They are a great couple and complement each other well.

So back to our travels....well it turned out the road into Joshua Tree National Park was washed out and the campground was closed. http://www.nps.gov/jotr/index.htm

So, we quickly regrouped and found another campground 70 miles further along in Blythe, CA.  Blythe is right at the border with Arizona.  The campground was right on the Colorado river, which was very pretty.

We thought we would only stay for 2 nights, but ended up staying for 4 days.  It was almost like being in the desert, except that as Fred says " it had sun, heat, grass, electric hookup and both kinds of music-country & western".  We really only heard a little music Friday night, when more folks arrived with their boats to do river stuff.
It was mostly a very quiet campground.  The big excitement was that we were on the direct flight path for jets going to Edwards Air Force base.  They came over very, very low, you could clearly see the pilots and almost touch them, as they were preparing for landing.  Pilots enjoyed having campers wave and would even give a wing salute!
The local area is some citrus, cotton and hay growing.  Blythe itself is not much, but we did manage to find a really great dinner in local Mexican restaurant. Blythe is half way between LA and Phoenix so amazingly  has 4-5 hotels,a new Starbucks, a Denny's and maybe 2-3 other type eateries.  The movie house is currently for sale.  Not much going on in Blythe that we could see, but when you look at the link below it seems that there must have been something hidden from our view......

After Blythe, we had an uneventful trip to Cottonwood.  Since here, we already did an overnight in Phoenix and went to a Fall League baseball game.  This is a group of teams made up of prospects for the big league teams.  See explanation in this link

It was the oddest game we had ever been to see.  The crowd was mainly scouts viewing the players and some "normal" folks like us, 75-100 people total.  There was no noise from this crowd and only three times did they clap for some play that was made.  Very weird!  We will probably go back for another game to see if it is the same each time.

Yesterday we went to visit Tuzigoot, which is located just a few miles from Cottonwood.   This is an ancient pueblo site that you can visit and walk around various rooms.  Was a beautiful, warm, sunny day so it was a comfortable walk up to the ruins.


We have a list of a half dozen other things to do while in this area and at the same time spend lots of girl time while we are here.  I also have lots of document scanning to do, official paperwork concerning our house in France.  So, we will be quite busy this month.
Stay tuned.
Michelle and Fred
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