Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Almost back to travel in the Roulotte

Yes, it is finally time for me to get back to writing about our travels again.  Since we returned from France, we then quickly traveled to Seattle to visit with our kids and friends.  We arrived in Seattle with rain, which just helped to confirm that we made the right decision to leave the area for sunnier climates.  We were, however, greeted with a wonderfully sunny and warm week the whole time we were there.

The day we left Seattle was again rainy and cool!

Fred and I then spent 5 days traveling around northern California, driving highways 1 and 101 until we reached the Roulotte in Gilroy.  We both agreed that we felt a great need to have this road trip so that we could start to feel better after all we had been thru the past weeks.  I still have the feeling that had been going thru some bad dream and would wake up to find my mother again in Le Cannet.
Within a few days of our return to Gilroy, Claudelle and her daughters arrived for a visit to see Quillan and his parents.  While they were here, we did a variety of tourist activities-Monterey aquarium and in San Francisco-Coit Tower, Embarcadero, walking the Golden Gate bridge among out sites.  Great visit by all!

After Claudelle and the girls left to go back to Cottonwood AZ, Fred and I did some car touring of our own between Gilroy and LA. We left the Roulotte at Camping World in what we hope is the final resolution to our tire problems which began way back in April.  Our first night out was spent in San Luis Obispo at the Madonna Inn.  This is a theme room Inn.  We spent the night in the Swiss Rock room. Rock on the walls, floors and bathroom.  Shower was rock enclosure with a waterfall shower.  Quite fun! http://www.madonnainn.com/index.php
Another night was in Santa Maria in a historic inn  http://www.santamariainn.com/
Included in our travels was a visit to Mission San Miguel, a well preserved mission which is still used by Franciscans for seminars and training.  http://www.missionsanmiguel.org/
We have now spent a last few days in the Redwood City/San Mateo area.  We repeated our previous fun activities, mini gulf, walking by the salt water flats and going to the movies.  We saw Moneyball, which was okay buy not a great movie.
Late this afternoon we were able to visit with Quillan and his parents.  We went to dinner in San Mateo at the food trucks that were set up in an area of downtown San Mateo.  It was a warm evening to eat outside and see so many people enjoying the food and the friendly atmosphere.
Next we move on to Joshua Tree National Park for about a week of camping there.  This will be our first time dry camping in the Roulotte, so stay tuned for how this turns out.
Bye to all,
Fred and Michelle
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