Sunday, September 4, 2011

Travel sans (without) the Roulotte

This one is difficult to write.  We are in France, in Le Cannet, at what was my mother's house.  My mother died suddenly on Aug 18, 2011. My brother and I are now owners of the house.
Our cousins and aunt were all at the airport to meet us when the 3 of us, Jerry, Fred and I arrived on Saturday 8/20.  It was an incredible show of support for us, which  we will never forget!

The first week passed in a blur for me.   In addition to all the funeral preparations that we needed to do, Jerry and I also had to set up initial paperwork to handle inheritance matters before he left at the end of the week.
This past week I am learning more about how to handle french paperwork.  I feel like I am drowning in papers and never seem to quite get a handle on it all.  First I have to find all the various documents that my mother had and then try to understand what they all mean.  I never had any schooling in reading french legal documents, so the words now need more definition for me.   I am continually being saved by Carole, my cousins wife. 
I will never be able to thank her and my cousin Philippe enough.  Fred and I can only hope to be there for them whenever they need anything!
Enough for now.  We will be returning to the US on Sept 22nd.
love to all,
Michelle and Fred