Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So the big day arrived!

Grandson, Quillan Edward Foster was born on Aug 4, 2011.  We got to visit him and his parents in the hospital that evening.  Amazing to finally see this little guy that we have all been waiting for.
Quill and his parents are learning their routines and all seem happy.  We hope to see him a few more times before we move on again.

In hospital about 


In the meantime, we continue to amuse ourselves by playing miniature golf and going to movies.  We saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes-its another good summer movie.  Oh and we went to visit the Walt Disney Museum which is located on the Presidio grounds in San Francisco.  That was all about the life of Walt and the start of Disney.  It was a lot of material to see, but well worth it.  If you go, plan on at least 3 hours.

On Sunday Aug 21 we leave to drive up to Seattle in the Passat.  We will be leaving the Roulotte in a campground south of San Jose, near Gilroy, the garlic capital of California.
We will be spending a week there visiting family and friends.  Looking forward to see them all again.  On the way back to California we will visit Karen and Stuart Foster in Medford.  We just saw them here when Quillan was born, but it will be nice to visit again.  No knowing when we will see them again once we begin our travels.

We are currently working on our trip in late September/ October to New York City and then Cannes.  Our cousin Maurice and his partner Gus are letting us barge in on them and use their guest room.  We will be taking a red-eye out to NYC to maximize our time there.  This will be the first time for Fred in NYC.  He says he hopes he doesn't break his neck looking up at all the tall buildings!
Air France offered some really nice ticket prices, so we decided that since memere did not want to come to the US, that we would go to her.  Fred says that it is also time for our 1/2yearly visit to fill the gas tank in her VW Bug-don't want it sitting with stall gas too long!

Well enough for now.  More as we move north.
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!