Wednesday, August 3, 2011

San Francisco Bay area

Well we have been in the Bay area awaiting the birth of our first grandson.  We are camped in Redwood City, which is just south of the City.  Mornings start off very cloudy and cool, then it clears up mid morning and is sunny in high 70s.  The evenings have been VERY chilly, especially since we are on the water (see Bayfront Park below).  We have been doing some tourist stuff and just some fun things during this waiting game.

We walked the Golden Gate Bridge on what was actually a warm and not too windy day.  Went from land on one side to land on the other side.  It was difficult going because it was packed with others walking and bicycles, but it was great to finally do this.  Was my first time and the second time for Fred. He had done this with Maeva when they came to San Francisco.

Saw a Picasso exhibit at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco.  Its a perspective of works from beginning to end of his life.  Was quite interesting and had many works that I had never seen before.  What really amazed us was to see some landscape work that he had done, which we both really, really liked.

Many mornings we go for mochas and croissants from a place called Pamplemousse which we found in Redwood City.  Then we play miniature golf at a place that is less than 1/2mile from where we are camped.They offer an early bird special, just $3.50 for each of us if we start playing between 10 - 11am.   We have just had a heck of a lot of fun doing 2 rounds of 18 holes!

We also have a great walk at Bedwell Bayfront Park, which is less than a mile from us.  Its an area of tidal basins with a walk that is 1.2 miles around.  Gets lots of the locals out each evening doing the walk. It is usually pretty windy, but a great walk to do.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival was a high point at the end of last week.  It's about 50miles south of us and so an easy trip to make.  We have of course stopped in Gilroy many times over the past years to buy various garlic items, but never been to their 3 day festival.  Wow, the air just smells of garlic even before you actually get to the site.  It is full of food, with lots of garlic of course and crafts.  Quite the event.  We watched a food demonstration and of course also had something to eat.  Fred had a pesto pasta and garlic sausage wit peppers/onions.  Yummy!  I had a chicken stir fry, scampi in garlic, mushrooms in garlic and small garlic sausage.  Yummy!  But I woke up that night still feeling over-garlicked!  We both reeked for a good 24hrs (or bad if you got too close and don't like garlic). LOL!

cooking scampi and calmari - don't try this at home!

We have also found a great new movie house in Redwood City and already been to 2 movies.  We saw Captain America last week and today Cowboys and Aliens.  Both were much better than the reviews indicated.

Yesterday we took a trip out to Half Moon Bay and then down highway 1 to Santa Cruz.  Was a beautiful day out at the coast.  Enjoyable drive to get there thru a redwood forest.  Fred says its a great motorcycle road, with tight turns and ups and downs.  I drove one section and he drove most of it, which made me happy.  I could just enjoy the views!

 we are still waiting for the arrival of the new family member.  Christa went in to hospital last evening and they were starting to induce labor slowly.  By mid-day today, not much new to report.  Increasing drugs as day goes Christa says "he's as happy as a clam in there".  oh well, we'll see him soon I'm sure.
That's it for now.
Michelle and Fred
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