Thursday, July 7, 2011

So whats up in the Roulotte you ask

Or maybe you don't ask.  We realize that this blog is both to entertain those of you dropping in here occasionally and a way for us to keep track of our travels.
The very last place in Texas that we spent any time, two days, was in El Paso.  This is a border town and you see the wall we built to separate our two countries. We soon realized that the border was within a few walking blocks of the downtown area.  Downtown El Paso did not feel like being in the US.  El Paso does not have a friendly feeling about it when you are in the downtown area.
During dinner we talked with a few locals and I asked what one thing we should see while in El Paso, the Wyler Tramway.

So up we go into the mountains to see what we can see.  Well, it turns out not much because soon a desert dust storm starts blowing in.  The sand is blowing and you can hear it hitting hard against the car.  Wow, this should be interesting.  Once in the tram car, Fred asks the operator how hard the wind can blow before they shut it down.  "oh about 35mph, we're close to that now so we may be closing in about 45mins or so"
Well that sure comforted him!  By the time we tried to walk around all side at the top, we were being blown off our feet- I am not exaggerating!   We did a quick check of the gift shop and down we go.  Coming back down we are in the cable car with a few young military guys.  Big base here called Fort Bliss (what a wrong name for any thing in this area).  One guy is very nervous about this trip and says|"next time we want to do something cultural lets go to a water park".  We all laughed and started talking to learn they were down here from Fort Lewis doing some new equipment training.  They had already been in El Paso for 2 weeks and were there for another 3.  They could not wait to get back to the Northwest and some cooler weather.  The rest of the day was a sandstorm that blew in from Mexico and reduced visibility to nothing.  So, we get the idea what they just experienced in Phoenix and Tucson area.

Next stop Arizona.

Michelle and Fred
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