Friday, June 17, 2011

last days in Texas, y'all

We are now in Fort Stockton, Texas.  It is 7:43pm for us and the temp has gone done to 103degrees.  This is crazy! The high today was 110!!!! I can not even begin to imagine living in this kind of temp, nor work in this heat.  The according to the campground handout describing this area, the local product is growing hay and growing pecans.  I appreciate all these folks grow for us, but let's get out of here!

On Wednesday we went one last time into San Antonio to do the Riverwalk.  We did the areas that are outside the restaurant and shops loop of the river.  There is a long stretch with old San Antonio houses standing along the banks.  It is 12 miles long with lots of beautiful plants, trees and many birds.    This was a quiet and relaxing walk, though we did have to stop and get cool with some sweet tea in the 103 heat

one of many heron seen along the river

There are also a series of dams and locks that manage the flow of water into the Riverwalk and keep the level constant.  This was all developed in the late 1930s into the 1940s.  The people of San Antonio wanted to keep this attraction for themselves and others, but needed to stop the over-flow and flooding that would happen during the occasional hurricane season.

There is also the option of taking a River Taxi from the north end of the river to downtown.  They  seemed well used by the locals.

Morning cleanup

We really enjoyed our time in San Antonio and the surrounding countryside.  We could almost see our selves in an apartment here at some later date....who knows.

Now we are heading west. Tomorrow El Paso, which is also blistering hot, for 2 nights.  Then 2 weeks in Tucson, where it is hot, but very low humidity.  We'll see how that goes.  Claudelle will be joining us for a few days there.  We are looking forward to having some R&R time with her.
After that, 2 weeks in San Diego.  Can you hear us cheering for the high 60-80 degree weather!!!

By for now,
Michelle and Fred
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