Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jessica on the "Red Neck Riviera & more - Y'all

  Jessica just spent a week with us here in Texas.  We had a really good visit and lots of fun.  We did watch her melt for the first 2 days here, but she did seem to adjust to the heat after that.  Of course, we went down to the Gulf, which was a bit cooler than here in the San Antonio area.

Her first day here we went into San Antonio to see the Alamo.  We now know that a 15 1/2year old girl is not exactly thrilled to be seeing it, especially since she "learned about it in books".  Oh well, so that was not a winner.

It was a hot 97degrees and muggy for these pics and she just about melted.  We learned that the Alamo is considered a shrine by Texans. No buildings around it cast a shadow on it at any time in honor of those who died there.

After that we went to lunch along the RiverWalk in AC comfort.  then did the River cruise in the afternoon.  Still hot, but lots of shade along the river so more comfortable. 

After that it was time for some ice cream before heading home to the Roulotte.

Next day we were off to Austin to visit the French Legation house, the Texas State Cemetery and the Capitol building.  It was of course hot, so again a tough day until we got to the Capital building, which Jess found to be interesting and cool.

honoring Texans who died on 9/11

sections of steel from Ground Zero

Finally after 2 hot days, it was time to go to Corpus Christi or as the Texans call it " the Redneck Riviera".  I kid you not!  Well we all agreed it was not the Riviera and we all know that for a fact!
We did manage to get a hotel right on the beach and right next to the USS Lexington.  Great fun walking the beach, but no swimming in the Gulf since it was full of jellyfish now.  oh well, we had a pool and hot tub outside that was plenty of fun for Jess and I.  We spent 3 nights there and were totally enjoying the cooler weather, especially in the evening when we could hang out on our balcony and watch waves.  We even saw  a wedding taking place on the beach right outside our hotel.

USS Lexington was a 6 min walk on the beach from our hotel

going down to view below decks

wedding on the beach

Next day we went to the Corpus Christi Art Museum to see a Norman Rockwell show that was happening now.  It was actually a photographer who loved Rockwell and included his work with the photos to show the continuation of life as seen by Rockwell.  Quite a nice art museum and Jess really enjoyed the works on display.

After that, some walking along the beach walk for a while, till we all decided we were too hot and needed to go swimming.

By the time we left CC we were totally tired and had had quite a bit of sun.  Spent quiet evening sitting outside the Roulotte in the evening cool.
Her last full day, Monday, we went for a hike in the morning cool, rested during the heat of the day and then went to a "hole in the wall" for some incredible BBQ.  We got complimentary ribs since we were newbies and all agreed they were incredibly delicious.
Great vacation for Jess and great time for all of us.  Ended too soon, but we will do this again some place else in the country.

Bye for now,
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!

Life in the Roulotte- y'all

You are probably wondering what life is like in the Roulotte.  Well, it is pretty much the same as if we were living in a one room apartment.  With the limited space, everything needs to have a space and be put back after use.  Not a bad thing, since this means that it does not get too messy, though we both have to work at this since at times it would be just easy to just forget and leave things out.
We have plenty of cubby spaces, so we have everything stowed away.  We have even started to pull together an assortment of items that may be going to Goodwill before we leave.  They come under the why did we bring that category.  Also a few clothing items that are getting replaced with more summer things.  We never had that many summer clothes in Seattle.....
So what else happens during our days?  Well today for example we got up early to find the VW dealer in town to get an oil change done on the Passat.  Takes two of us to do that, I drove and Fred directs by using Google maps on his phone.  Nice dealership and we were in and out in an hour.  Whole trip from the Roulotte and back was 2.5hrs.
Later I did a load of laundry. There are laundry facilities in the RV park, so it is pretty easy.  oh here is a link to the place we are staying, so you can get an idea of what it is like.

Then we went into town to get some ice and a few groceries.  Town is Lytle, Texas and the grocery store down here is H.E.B.

Back at the Roulotte with our ice, which we then used in 2 small coolers to keep our refrigerator items cold while we defrost the refrigerator.  Yup, something we all have to do occasionally and at the same time check for things that may be growing in there.  Not much growing in ours since it is pretty small, but it does happen.  Had a jar of questionable artichoke hearts sitting down low in the back that have been moved to the trash bin.  oh well.

So far that is it for today, but hey it's already close to 4pm.  Later will pull a bag together since we are going to leave the Roulotte for a few days and head to Houston.  We'll be moteling it there.

We do spend lots of time reading.  I really enjoy the Kindle that I received from all my SPL friends.  It goes everywhere with me.  The best part is that I can even sit outside in the evening ( once the temps start going down to tolerable) to read by increasing the font size to see in the growing dark.  Cool trick with Kindle that no one ever mentioned!
We take lots of walks around the area.  We also just sit and enjoy some evening breezes listening to all the birds singing around us.  there are an incredible number of birds down here it is really wonderful.

Bye for now,
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!