Saturday, May 21, 2011

too HOT to blog, Y'all

We are now just south of San Antonio, got here late Tuesday afternoon.  I thought I would finish up blogging about DFW when we got here, but it has been too darn hot to do anything.  Oh, least I forget, MUGGY!  Know what happens when you reach 100% feels as though it is raining on you when it isn't  but you and everything around you is wet.  What a miserable time when it is 90+degrees and 90-100% humidity!!! How do these folks survive, well everything is air conditioned, houses, cars, stores etc, the only way to survive.  
We had thought that we could survive without turning on the AC in the Roulotte, but have decided that on days when we are home all day, we will now turn it on.  Spent yesterday without and we were both grumpy by the end of the day.  We try to do some tourist thing every other day so far, which means that we spend some time in car with AC, walking around outside some, having late lunch somewhere in AC comfort, more walking around, then back to car AC.

On Thursday we went to Austin for the day and included a triple AAA baseball game at Round Rock, Tx. Here is their website for all you baseball fans out there  All of this was about 130 miles one way from camping.  

Austin is a blue city in a red state and as they say in Austin," when you leave Austin you go into Texas".  This was the first time in this state that we did not experience the incredible Texas hospitality, was more like being in a big city on west coast with a bit of indifference.  First time we saw panhandling and homeless folks on the streets. not seen elsewhere in Texas.  Austin is pretty , with a combination of old and new buildings interspersed.  We took a 90minute driving tour which included driving out in the hill country around the city, they are on an inactive fault line and doing sites downtown.  Highly recommend this tour if you are ever in Austin.  We will be going back to spend a day there while we are here, since there are so many things to see.

Today we spent the day in San Antonio driving around looking at some of the historic houses and did a tour of the Edward Steves house  This also gave us our first view of the Riverwalk, which was just outside the house in this quiet historic neighborhood.

After that, we went downtown and did a quick tour of the Alamo.which was so crowded since a lot of folks came to see it today also.  We will definitely do this again when Jessica comes to visit. 

We then went down along the River Walk and had a late lunch while watching folks strolling by and river tours gliding along the river. The area we were in is full of restaurants and some shops, so quite lively. We then strolled about 1.5 miles of the walk and found some really nice quiet places along the river to enjoy.  We will come back again to do the the walk again starting from the more historic part of town. Will add pics later, camera out of juice and I am outside and its getting dark so don't want to deal with download now....sorry folks.

Oh by the way, the high for today was 99 and by later this afternoon the humidity dropped to about 75% which made the rest of the day acceptable.  

Tomorrow is a day at home, grocery shopping, reading, maybe some laundry.  Yes, we do still have ordinary chores that need doing.  Till then bye from,
Michelle and Fred
"Traveling the country so you don't have to!"