Thursday, April 28, 2011

this and that about New Mexico

It is just about impossible to not have fly-away hair here.  The air is so dry that instantly it is just sticking out in every direction and then as soon as you try to brush or comb it down...poof...its going in every direction again.  Seems as though you either have to tie it back all the time or just ignore it.  I really am not sure what the locals do since they seem to not have this same problem. They must be using hair spray like helmets on their heads.  Now is the time to invest in hairspray, that must be how they are dealing with the situation.  They never seem to have a hair even dare move! Maybe my hair wants to be in wet Seattle again? Oh, no!!!

Wind will chap your lips, face and hands faster than you can say "jack rabbit".  I left Seattle with what I thought was a reasonable supply of chapstick and hand lotion, but am starting to see my stash diminish.  Even Fred has been using some of my chapstick supply.

Now for some interesting food cravings these NM folks have - Frito chili pie.  Yes, you heard me, Frito chili pie.  See this advertised on billboards as places advertise enticing folks to come in and get theirs.  It is on menus, its at the what is it?  It's a bowl of fritos with red and green chilies and then melted yellow cheese poured over the top, with an option of lettuce and tomatoes added to the whole bowl.  We did not try this specialty so maybe next time, then again maybe not.
A variation to this theme is the same done with french fries.  We did try those without the lettuce and tomatoes and it was really good, but then you must remember that the two of us love chilies.

We did eat lots of great food while in NM, most of which had chilies.

On to food in Texas.  we will be eating at the steak house seen on food channel with 72oz steak.  Will let you know how that goes soon.

Activities in New Mexico

So,what did we do for time we were camped in Albuquerque, lots of day trips in and around the area in the Passat, held on to our hair due to extreme winds and cuddled tight at night in the cold nites!  Even locals admit that the weather was unusual for this time of year, but that seems to be the scenario all over the states.  An incredible spring for us all.  Talking with locals we learned that April and May are usually windy in this area, so something we need to remember in the future.

We did a 2 mile hike at Petroglyph Monument which is just on outskirts of Albuquerque.  Was a hot hike with lots to see up close.

Took a day trip via back roads to Taos.  Got pretty cold up there and that evening they had some snow.  Found a great place for a lupper (late lunch early supper in our family) and I had some great green (chilies) eggs and ham.  Visited the home of Kit Carson who lived in Taos at the end of his life.  The guy giving us tour was related to his wife's family.  seems there are lots of descendents of wife and Kit still in the area.  During tour watched a 20 minute video produced for History channel and starring great grandson as Kit Carson.

Another day trip was to the El Camino Real trail monument down by Socorro, about 120 miles south of Albuquerque.  We took this little excursion twice because we found out that they werre closed on the first day we went, Tuesday.  Lesson learned, handouuts may not always be up to date, check online for possible updates.  It did give us a chance to do some back road driving which we love.

During this adventure the RV was getting new tires installed.   We had had a blow out on one of the back inside tires getting to Albuquerque.  We knew we needed to update them, so now was the chance.
New lesson, it is really stressful to take your RV to have work done and then come back to find it still not ready after 6 hours.  This is your home and now you have to find someplace to be for another almost 2 hours and still not be sure it will be we now say, all part of the adventure!

Next morning we find out that we have a tire problem, so after much phone work, Camping World which is where tires were installed, sends a guy out to us to add air into one very under inflated tire so that we can go back to them for review.  Turns out we had 2 tires with bad valve stems, so the decision is made to replace all 6 and the extenders.  Once again an all day activity for this as the 6 tires will now be removed and work done again.  oh joy!  So the option of the day was to go to a movie or go back to Socorro.  We went back to Socorro since I had really wanted to see the El Camino Real Museum and we now knew an easy way to get there.
El Camino Real museum was very interesting and had lots of info about the path traders, settlers and Indians took between Mexico and Santa Fe.  Learned that Albuquerque was named for its founder the Duke of Alburquerque (notice the r in name) and was thus nicknamed "Duke City".  This is a brand new museum, so they have more replicas than original artifacts, but they are working on it.  It is out in the middle of nowhere as you can see.

We really did enjoy our time here and plan to be back and do more exploring in New Mexico.  The people are very friendly, the green chilies are everywhere, the sun is out almost all the time and the skies are blue.  We learned that average house price is about $160,000, food is cheaper than Seattle and there are lots of outdoor activities.  As we left this morning, the hot air balloons were out over the city, a really beautiful site.
So now as I arite this, we are on highway 40 heading to Amaarillo, Texas.