Sunday, April 10, 2011

from snow to warm again

So what is Arizona like in the spring-variable.  We just went thru a few days of very cold weather with snow happening all around us.  It did not snow in Cottonwood, but RAINED and was very WINDY.  Today, the weather is getting back to more normal, low 60s with temps climbing during the rest of the week.  Claudelle, Jessica, Fred, dog Betty and I went for about a 3 mile hike in Deadhorse State Park here in Cottonwood.
Now to answer some of your questions as to what we are still doing in Cottonwood.  Well, we are waiting for  our new awning.  We called in a local RV handyman, Gideon who also happens to work for Claudelle's landlady doing house repairs, to take a look at the flying awning.  For those of you who may not be up to speed on this adventure, we had the wonderful experience of having the awning open up as we were driving down the highway.....what an exciting time that was!!! We were thankfully in the right hand lane, but it must have been some sight for those that saw our flying awning.  Can you just hear that conversation-"guess what I saw today"  So once Gideon got to looking and working on it, we all soon saw that the thing was rotten at the top and breaking apart.  So much for the A-OK given by the place we took the Roulotte for work before we left Seattle.
The flying fridge solution- we bought pressure curtain rods to put along the front of the fridge shelves.  They look like the $6 RV versions.  This will hopefully keep all the stuff on the fridge shelves from taking flying leaps out on to the floor when going over very rough rodes or making tight turns.  I may still need to ride in chair holding door closed, but will not be on my knees trying to pick up broken eggs and other spilt items.  More on this once we get on the road again.
The house in Seattle continues to have lots of interest.  Lots of perspectives coming by to see and ask questions.  Some recent questions are if we needed to have flood insurance due to creek behind us.  No and considering we are 10ft above the creek if we flood than there is a bigger problem happening in Seattle.
Yesterday someone needed to know how to get into crawl space under the house.  We are crossing our fingers that weather gets better up there, so it puts buyers in more of a buying mood.
Tomorrow we will spend the day doing laundry, Fred making Shephards pie and scanning some of our photos that we brought along to do.