Thursday, June 28, 2018

A little craft project

While we wait for "Woody" to be repaired Fred took on a little  craft project we have been waiting to do.  We covered our table with a US map.  Should give the dining area a little  pizazz.  Also useful as we plan travels.

I'll do an update  picture once it's back in Woody.
Michelle and Fred
Traveling  the country so you don't have to! 

Monday, June 25, 2018

It's all fun and games until....

A cottonwood tried to put an eye out..  A big,  bad  storm hit our camping site in Liberal,  Kansas, this past Friday night.  Heavy rains and wind roaring between 70-90 mph ( we learned later).  We were inside watching  the weather  when we heard a giant crash in our bathroom, then a bounce and lastly a large branch go flying past the kitchen window.
After a moment of silently starring at each other,  we both ran outside to see what happened.
A large limb from a tree at the site behind us broke off and made a hole in our roof.
With the help of the camp host Squeaky, yes it's  his name, we were able to fill the hole from the outside  with towels and plastic bags. With more rain and wind due during the night,  we needed some sort of shelter to keep rain from coming in the hole.  Squeaky and Fred  measured the covered picnic area to see if we could fit under it.  We could with extremely careful driving by Fred. Squeaky and watched carefully to make sure we cleared potential low spots.  It was quite the  experience  for us all.  Night had now fallen and we watched as Mother Nature put on a light show over the next few hours.
The next morning,  Fred  added tape to the roof  to keep the towels and bags inside the roof hole.  Very successful operation!
We were on our way home for a week originally,  now it's until the roof is fixed.
Stay tuned for more adventures with
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!

Storm clouds,  not mountains 

Outside look

A bit more cleaned up

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bopping around TX, AZ & CO

We're  spending a few weeks  of June visiting friends and family..  We began in the Texas Hill Country and spent a couple of days with Rosa  and David. Lots of fun and  a great way to begin our little trip.

Next stop was Florence  Arizona for a visit with Keith  and Gladys.  Hot there, up to 109 degrees. Not much outside activity,  other then my crazy guy still working to get his 10,000 steps. My 5,000 steps more or less,  was good enough for me. After 2 fun days,  we moved on up the highway to visit family.

Our next stop was at Dead Horse SP in Cottonwood AZ.  Three 1/2 days to visit with Claudelle,  Tabitha and Jessica.  They were all able to come hang out with us in our RV at different  times. This gave us the option of really focusing on each of them for part of the time. The granddaughters have become wonderful people. It is a joy to visit with each of them.

We again headed out on the road and stopped last night in Goulding Campground, a place we have camped before.  It has great views of Monument Valley and some of the surrounding rocks.  There is a restaurant here if you want to eat out.  The most fun are the John Wayne movies that are shown nightly. This is John Wayne  country!

This morning we headed to Durango CO.  On the way  we did our tourist stop for this trip - Four Corners. Been by many times without stopping, so today was the day.  $5 per person entry and then low key.  Navajo stalls selling handmade items.

 We're in Durango just for the night which is good since we are on the edge of a forest fire.  We are getting an occasional smell of smoke depending on the wind.  Helicopters are going overhead with buckets of water.

We are getting  a chance to explore some new Colorado areas.  By Sunday,  we will be visiting  cousin DJ and Diane in Centennial for a few days.  Then we head on home for about 10 days. We both have new glasses to pick up there.

Stay tuned for more adventures!
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

On the road again!

Yes,  we are back on the road.  Left Seattle this morning early and are now spending the night in Dunsmuir California.  It has been an easy day of driving,  just a touch of rain in Oregon.  The Sisykious  were dry with just a bit of snow off to the side.   We saw more snow at Christmas and in NYC.
For those wondering,  son Andy is doing fine after brain surgery,  healing very well.  We are all in agreement that we don't ever want to do that again.
Fred and I  then went to spend New  Year with cousin in NYC.  We joined daughter Jenn and her husband,  who were there for Christmas.  We all went to the Metropolitan  Museum of Art for a special Michalangelo exhibit.  It was very  crowded, but we still managed to view drawings,  paintings and some of his sculptures. 

Our second day there a blizzard struck the area, coating everything in about 11-12" of snow.  At about the same time,  Fred became ill and took to our bed of and on for the next few days.  He did not get to really enjoy as much of the fun filled New  Year s eve with family and friends. 
He did perk up in time to enjoy the frigid weather  that then blew into the area. We took a few excursions in the -10 degree weather. Visited Grand Central Station, the Morgan Library and Museum,  Grants Tomb and Central Park in the sparkling snow. 
We played cards,  Fred  helped work on jigsaw puzzles, lots of eating, talking, reading and just lounging.  It was a fun family time.
Do to the weather and lots of flight delays,  we ended up spending an extra 3 1/2 days together.  Thankfully, we were with family,  so were  never worried about where we could stay, as many others stranded did.
Fred  and I  are  looking forward to being home by early next week. 
We are anxious to pick up our new trailer on the way home.
Stay tuned,
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country  so you don't have to! 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Roswell, NM

I had just one thing I wanted to do in Roswell visit the UFO Museum.  So, off we went to visit the UFO Museum and Research Library. Oh boy!
Lots of  newspaper and magazine articles you can spend lots of time reading.  Also plenty of signed affidavits by all involved who claimed that the Air Force participated in a major coverup of the true story. The locals involved all believe there was a space craft and that there were 3 aliens in it.  Two were dead and the third was taken somewhere.....
There is even a film shown with either the locals involved telling their story or wives, kids, sons and sisters telling what they remember of the story.  We only watched a few minutes of the film before Fred had trouble keeping awake.  As we left the showing I saw a few others were asleep.
There is a space ship model and aliens on display. Lots of us had to get our pictures taken in front of the display.  

The research part is when a dig took place in the late 1980s at the site.  Pictures showed folks doing archeological type digging and saving lots of dirt in bags in a room somewhere.
The museum is a real tourist thing that the town of Roswell is keeping alive. 
It was okay to see if you happen to be in the area.

Onward and upward.......
Michelle and Fred

Traveling the country so you don't have to!

On to Carlsbad Caverns NM

We had a slight detour on our New Mexico trip, which lead us to spend three wonderful days with our cousins DJ and Diane in Centennial Colorado.  We saw lots of fall colors there, had great meals prepared by Diane and Fred, enjoyed lots of good wine and many laughs.  Just a great time!

Once we left them, we headed along country roads to Taos.  It was a beautiful fall day with lots of color along the way.  It was low 70s when we arrived in Taos, but did get down to mid 20s overnight.  Our room was very comfortable and included a fireplace to make it feel not just cozy but romantic. Lovely!

Our next stop was Santuario Chimayo.  This is a church with Holy Dirt. There is a room full of canes and crutches that have been left by those saved by touching the dirt.
We continued on to Carlsbad NM and the Carlsbad  Caverns.  The caverns are 750 feet below ground. You can take an elevator down and up or you can hike the 1.25 miles down.  We chose to take the hike down, which took 50 minutes.  It is quite steep at times, but has handrails and enough lights to see all along the way.  I was unsure about doing this hike, but was really glad that we did.  It was such a different view from what we saw at the bottom.  By the time we did the Big Room hike at the bottom, another 1.25 miles we were happy for the elevator up.  We really enjoyed our day there.

On to see aliens next.
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!

Monday, August 7, 2017

a hitch in our gitty-up

We're on the Ohio/Kentucky border since Saturday afternoon.  Our fine ride has come into the campground with a bit of a limp.  We have check engine light on, rough idle and strong smell of gas. It being the weekend, we will have to wait till Monday morning to have a local shop take a look at it.

We did manage to get to visit with more Inmans while we were here, not as much as originally hoped, but we ended up being less mobile than planned.  We talked and talked, took a picture and received more pictures.  We will be back, we promise.

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Charlene, James, Libby and Fred Inman

I also realized that my clothes had all fallen down in my closet.  One side of rod was pulled out.  My dearest "tells" me that I have brought too many clothes and that is what caused the problem.  Now I ask you, what's a girl to do when it was  to be a 4 month trip in all kinds of weather?  Amazing man that he is, he was able to fix the problem.  I have also removed some of the items to make the weight lighter.

It's now Monday afternoon and all is well with our ride.  It had an O ring that gave up and caused the problems.  We got very lucky that the gas leak never hit a hot engine area.

So, just to keep things exciting, Freds' body decided to give him a kidney stone.

The fun keeps rolling on!
Michelle and Fred
Traveling the country so you don't have to!